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kingleong 12-03-2000 01:56 PM

Help, my character has been bitten by the white figure called Lysander(or something like that).She give me one of five element, the tusk. However she bit one of my man and he is losing HP all the time. I try to heal him but it said "the spell fizzle". What I want to know is what am I suppose to do to help him stop losing HP? If I dont want to get bitten, does that means I have to kill Lysander? Pls help me as I try to rush him back to the temple in the mean time.

xenotoca 12-03-2000 02:11 PM

No cure for vampirism. Yes I know this sucks. You have two choices. Play him as a vapire the benifits and pitfalls are outlined in the manual or go back to a previous save and avoid getting bitten next time.

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