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Heff 11-12-2000 08:08 AM

Help ?!

Is there a Character Advancement bug ? I have a mage and he only joined the mages guild after completing the crypt so his first quest was to go kill the serpent priest. He did that and was rewarded for it but he hasn't been advanced for it !

Similarly I have 2 Warriors but only one is getting increased levels for completing warrior quests ?

I also still cannot find the amulet for Kierielle I know its green and in the crypt somewhere in a chest but I can't seem to find it ?

Do I need to start again ?

Wyvern 11-12-2000 09:12 AM

Try going back to the Guilds and allowing the NPCs to blather on and on and on before you do anything else at all! Quests are only acknowledged, i.e. you're given EX and rise a level in that guild, if you let the NPC complete their l o n g speeches. This really, really annoyed me! Hope that will solve your problem!


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