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dude_131313 11-13-2000 05:31 AM

i have a problem to get to the toad shaman shinwiki. i am under the sea in toad village, and there stands a toad villager blocking the way. he cannot move, he stucks on the cavewall. is there any possibility to walk through him with an noclip cheat, or is there an other way to shinwiki. i tried to start the programm new, i walked back to town but when i came back, he is in the same situation.
could anybody please help me????

Davros 11-13-2000 07:42 AM

Had the same problem myself. The tip from the board was that these toad villagers are in talk mode - to put a stop to that you need to talk to them - say anything at all, then the important thing is say goodbye to them. All I then had to do was back up to the intersection and he strolled right out past me. You may have to wait a few seconds for him to walk out, but for me it happened just the way my helper described it would. Some people have pushed their way through with persistence. Others have been able to kill the toad providing you are strong enough to do it in a single blow so Shinwiki doesn't hear the alarm. Unless you can fly, I don't know of another way to get to Shinwiki.

dude_131313 11-13-2000 10:02 AM

thank you for the answer
meanwhile i solved the problem by killing the toad with one big smash, so the shaman didnt hear it

Lily the Ranger 11-13-2000 02:18 PM

Oh, you are evil . . . I wish I had thought of that as the curse of Shinwiki is no laughing matter. I had to reset the game.

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