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Vicotnik 02-06-2001 06:46 PM

Maybe this has all been discussed before but it seems like a perfectly good way to make time pass on a monday night.
So, what do you all do when you're not playing BG2 that is or "hanging out" here?
I do of course like most other people enjoy the occasional drinking (binge) and am studying for being a pilot.
When I'm not doing any of the above I like good music, engaging in various activities with the other sex and playing my guitar

How about you?

Accord 02-06-2001 06:53 PM

Free time eh......well, it is either school work or:
1) drive my car around
2) wash my car (include waxing)
3) music (along with #5)
4) highschool reunions or university gatherings (play soccer or street hockey)
5) read books relating to stocks (along with #3)
6) and the once in a while bar night
7) sleep

draconia 02-06-2001 10:53 PM

Well, I will keep it short. When I am not playing BG2 or visiting here, I am actually very busy. I do not work, I stay home with 3 kids. So I take care of them, cook, clean house, cross stitch or paint, tend to my animals, remodeling a room and so on and so on. I could fill this entire page with what I do but I do not want to bore everyone so this is the short version.

IdiotRogue 02-06-2001 11:00 PM

I am in banking. In my spare time, besides playing these games, I try to convince myself that one of my cats is NOT the anti-Christ...

Sylent 02-07-2001 01:00 AM

I devide my time pretty much evenly between the following things...
Playing Guitar (classical),
Playing Basketball (on weekends)
Playing computer games (BG2, Fallout2) not that much actually
Visiting here (although I am cutting down)
Studying (grrrr)
and even a bit of going to school, which takes up half of every week day...
I pretty much have a lot of spare time though...
just going off-tpoic a bit here: I am going to see Aus v WI in the cricket on friday, so that should be good fun, and I also watch the cricket whenever it is on, although I suspect this is something which is only done by Aussie, or english people...

WOLFGIR 02-07-2001 04:32 AM

Well when not playing Bg2 or any other computer game I´m usually at working working with graphic/webdesign at an advertisment bureau, (Reklambyrå).
Otherwise I´m training Krav-maga, a martil art form that gives you alot of bruises
Being out with friends at some bar or club doing ny worst to interact with the opposite sex, some play hard to get, I play hard to want..Anyone knows which that is from??
At home reading a good book, listening to music or watching nature Channel 6..
Hanging out at some cafe drinking my tenth unnecesary cup of coffe..
Surfingh the net for gods know what, chatting with people to try to learn how to spell in different languages.. =)
Watching movies with friends..

Memnoch 02-07-2001 04:51 AM


In seriousness, I'm currently working about 60 hours a week in marketing, so I'm not posting quite as much as I used to

Socially? During the week I'm usually too buggered to go out after work though once in a while I'll have a drink with friends after work. So that's when I'll have a play around with BG or something and also post here. Funnily enough I hardly watch TV. Thursday and Friday nite drinks at bars/clubs like Establishment, Grand Pacific Blue Room, Kinselas, then Sat nite clubbing at clubs like Home or Goodbar (hence my absence here on Friday and Sat nights ) Sunday recovery at the beach (have to in Sydney!). And in between all that i somehow find time to post 15 ppd here! I've got a lot of nervous energy.

Moiraine 02-07-2001 06:48 AM

I have been a computer engineer for 11 years. When I have any computer-related problem or question, I just can't live until I have found the solution.

Besides playing BG II, I :

- read a great deal (fiction books, mainly Fantasy, and non-fiction books, mainly related to history or sociology or archaeology)
- have been learning to play the piano for 2 1/2 years along with my son (we have got the best piano teacher ever)
- play AD&D with my hubbie ans son
- try to get a small garden out of the cow field around my house
- enjoy long walks in the mountains around my house
- go to the cinema quite often when my son is away for the holidays

That is, before coming to the board. Now I still do all these things, but I devote less time to them (my garden is going pretty wild by now ... )

bilqis 02-07-2001 07:27 AM

I think I've mentioned before that I work 40+ hours per week recruiting, training & supervising senior citizen "volunteers" for two federal/state programs named the Foster Grandparent & Senior Companion Programs. The reason "volunteers" is in quotations is because these people are paid a small, tax-free stipend plus mileage. And they put in up to 30 hours per week. I currently have 95 vols in 15 communities (38 buildings) in the north central region of our state. I travel a lot for my job. I sometimes get a trip to another state for fun. Now that the boys are getting older, perhaps my husband & I will finally get to do some of the international traveling we've dreamed of. HE gets to go much more often than I do. The one true 'inequality' in our relationship!

When I'm not at work, I am mom, homemaker, wife, school volunteer. What spare time I have is used either surfing the web, or playing RPGs. (Not necessarily in that order) Unfortunately, although I love reading, I barely have time for it anymore. Too much activity here in my house!! I've gone from reading 2-3 fantasy novels (& others) per week, to maybe 1 per month. Sad eh?
Actually, I think part of the problem is that RPGs take so much time!

Thank you for posting this topic Vicotnik! I too have been wondering what everyone 'does' for a living!
*ooops* this got long!

Draggor 02-07-2001 07:35 AM

At the moment I'm on holidays from uni so I'm not doing much at all. That will be two days a week plus study. But my days at the moment are spent playing BG2 and my nintendo, reading fantasy stuff, playing warhammer and painting my miniatures. I work 5pm to 12 am five or six nights a week then come on this forum after work. This normally results in me sleeping in till like eleven o'clock where the cycle repeats. Exciting huh.

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