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misscutie 11-11-2000 08:10 PM

After spending half of my adult life in the Serpent Temple...finally exiting....made my way with much relief to Ishad'Na, THE GAME WILL NOT LET ME LEAVE TOWN! IS THIS A SICK JOKE OR DID I SCREW UP AGAIN!!!! Also, being a dumb blonde, I am carrying the cursed serpent staff. I tried to go to church and ask for forgivness in this lovely new town but I am banned from the church. Again, I am at your mercy for help.

dodger6 11-11-2000 08:19 PM

Misscutie are you on windows 2000?

I run win2k on my laptop and it does not display the graphic for Ishad'na correctly and will not let you out of the town. I can go into and out of the first town but not Ish.

Just a thought.

Some people have posted about editing the graphics to you can get win2k to work but I gave up and play only on my w98 machine now.

misscutie 11-11-2000 08:25 PM

Don't tell me! Yes, I am running Win2000. So now what? It's not that I have a fleet of computers to switch to!

Wyvern 11-11-2000 09:51 PM

ooooo Misscutie!! One misadventure after another. I don't know how to solve this problem but there have been many threads on the board discussing being stuck in towns. Hopefully one of those thread will give you new enlightenment and an exit pass!!

Very glad that you finally got out of the serpent temple. I was beginning to worry for you!


xenotoca 11-12-2000 12:02 PM

Eldurin has answered this Q before but to save any searching I have posted his answer for you below..............hope this helps

Your problem is a confirmed Windows 2000 problem with how the town AVI files are read. No one running Windows 2000 has access to this buildings. FOrtunately, there is a fix that will take a little work on your part. Go to the following site and convert your town AVI files to an uncompress AVI. Note that this will make them huge, but you will be able to play the game.

Lily the Ranger 11-12-2000 12:46 PM

Please, don't give up, Misscutie. I need all the dumb blonde support I can get!!!! I am hope you are free from Ishad N'ha soon. They must be dazzled by your beauty and unwilling to let you go.

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