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Arcadius 12-06-2000 01:28 PM

Hi all. Sorry to bombard with yet another crypt question, but I have read most posts and the online help, but I get to the point where I kill the two spirits, pick up the crystals, but when I go into either room with the brazier, the stairs sink into the ground before I can get up to the brazier
Any ideas?
Also, what are we supposed to do with the Gold Urns on this level, anything?

Serath 12-06-2000 01:39 PM

There is a slot in the wall of each room. You have to place the Wizard/Warrior crystal in one of the slots, depending on which path you wish to choose. Then the stairs will rise again and you can retrieve the idol from the brazier. As for the gold urns, I don't remember them, but I don't think they are used for anything. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


Targan 12-06-2000 01:43 PM

You have to use the item you find in the brazier in one of the urns to open the door !

Serath 12-06-2000 01:47 PM

Ah, those urns! Thanks for the additional info Targan.


dcch 12-06-2000 02:19 PM

Also, if you want to... you CAN do both the Wizard and Warrior sides. For one, use the corresponding crystal.. then, go back a little ways.. find some barrels or crates.. drag them back and pile them up near the high wall.. then, you should be able to climb/jump up and get the other little idol, so you can do the other path.

Good luck,


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