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wsoftly 11-19-2000 11:48 PM

I have read somewhere recently of games called Gold Box Series by SSI. anyone have any information on them like where I could find a main website for them.

Wyvern 11-20-2000 08:04 AM

I believe those are all ancient games (and I probably played all of them). Doubt that they are to be found anywhere. Maybe someone else knows differently. That would be nice. There were some great games in that series.


thefox 11-20-2000 08:30 AM


Yups you sure can still get them... usually bundled together in a RPG pack... Last time i saw a Gold pack was about 6 motnhs ago.. had hillsfar, curse of the azabonds etc.... also other classics like "eye of the beholder 1 2 3" "Ultima Underworld 1&2"... and the full set of "wizardry 1-6" all in the one box! I nearly bought one of the packs.. but decided since id played them already...

Wyvern 11-20-2000 08:33 AM


Do they all run in dos??


Regis 11-20-2000 08:39 AM

I just ordered the Ultimate Wizardry Archives (again ). I ordered in July, got my response and promptly waited 2 months for nothing to show up. After a caustic email to Digital River, I received a reply that Interplay did not have the CD even though they were still selling it on their website, but that they would look into it. Another two months and an even more viscious email, they replied that it had been discontinued. Gotta love false advertising. Now they have it up on their website again. We'll see....

The only experience I have had with Wizardry was:

a) A friend in college had either the original or second one (of all things, on a 5.25 floppy)...I remember him jumping up and down cheering when I found the last piece of armor for him on level 10 (can you say "Malorto, Malorto, Malorto"?)...of course, then I forgot how to teleport and put all his chars into rock. We don't speak any more....

b) I got Wizardry 6 for SNES...I liked that one.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of them are really like.

thefox 11-20-2000 09:24 AM

Yes... the older type require "Real Mode" dos.... ie using either an old MS-DOS disk... or an older WIN98 disk with some batch fudging to get my SBLive! to work... the others can be run in a dos box in Millennium.... (Eye of the Beholder for one is ok in a dos box)

(My OS is Windows Millennium) not sure which OS youre using Wyv?

xenotoca 11-20-2000 10:17 AM

They run in dos and all the games are available if you search. Originally made by SSI they are now released by Interplay in boxed sets of a few games called the Forgotten Realms Archive. I beleive there are 3 volumes. Use the search engines to see if any online software store has them, I know Amazon has volume 3. Also released was the complete fantasy set which had a dungeonmaster game (I will have to dig mine out to remember what it was called) that was random every time and the jewel in the crown FRUA or to give it its full title Fantasy Realm Unlimited Adventures. This was the engine used to make the Gold Box games and you could make your own RPG.
It is still popuar and various clever hackers (of the right kind) have produced various add ons that allowed you to import other graphics ect. It still has a following check out

also check out the Dungeon craft pages on this (iornworks) site as this is another bunch of clever programmers trying to make a more up to date version of FRUA.

thefox 11-20-2000 10:29 AM

Yes thats right... couldnt remember the names... Yep... although the ones i saw had more than 3 in a box.. must have been a special?

Wouldnt it be nice to have a pill to take so as to remove your memories of ever playing a game... hehehe... or i could wait another 40 odd years.. and wait for senility... by then.. prolly have some weird kind of holodeck like in Star Trek... wouldnt that be cool!!

wsoftly 11-20-2000 10:43 AM

wow, thanks so much to all of you for your information, I kind of figured that it was too old to purchase but was hoping it might not have been. sad too, wish they would re-release them...

oh well thanks anyway.

Wyvern 11-20-2000 10:54 AM

My OS - Win 98

I just don't like running games in dos mode


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