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kingleong 12-03-2000 01:52 AM

Where can I find Kol room? If possible please give me a detail way to getting there. Tks
Next, am I suppose to go to the castle next and where in the world is the lever for the castle entrance??

Davros 12-03-2000 07:35 AM

The Kol room, or Kerah Idol - take your direction from the "monkey room". That was where you pulled a lever, and released a barrel load of the little fellows (also known as the room with the small chute that you can't fall through). From this room, you are looking for a lock on the wall out in the hallways near the entrance. Suggest you cast spirit eye and look for the white dot in the hallway.

Ah, seek you to know the entrance to Shurugeon. From the back must you enter the castle, through the ruined walls. Now look you must, for the way to the rear - east side is recommeded. Lateral thinking has a lot to recommend it, but never forget to look up and down. Happy hunting.

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