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sac8234 11-12-2001 12:45 PM

This will be my 4th time starting this game over again(various computer problems and whatnot.....) To be kind to one of the greatest games in history(opinion) the first part of the game is rather boring.

does anyone know of any program or whatnot to get out of what's his name's little place and move on to AMN?

i've tried to do a search of previous post but come up blank.

Grojlach 11-12-2001 12:58 PM

Nope... Only thing you could do is do a multiplayergame instead, fight your way to Amn and then save the game. Then everytime you start a new game, you could reload that savegame and then change the characters to your wishes (it's a multiplayergame, after all).

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