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UrsinePaws 09-26-2000 12:57 PM

Does anybody else feel that the quests come too fast and fulsome? It seems that finishing one requires finishing two or three behind. For example, all under the heading of earning the money to free Imoen (leaving the party mage-less unless you have chosen that character), can come (if you want to secure the safety of one of your mates) Join the first thief guild, Infiltrate the second, Perform nasty deeds; in the meantime you are opportuned to eliminate a wild prophet and, if you take the wrong turn, remove a curse from a member of the party. Most exasperating, but perhaps such is expected from mid-level characters, hmm?

Larry 09-27-2000 12:43 AM

that is why BGII will be much more successful than the first!!
It isn't as easy, and that is what we all want...Our money's worth!

UrsinePaws 09-27-2000 02:12 AM

Larry, you have a point, but I must confess that the transition, while teasing the mind, so sternly exercises fingers, thumb, and mouse. I recently replayed BG1 in preparation for Shadows, this after not having played since the game first appeared (was it 1998?). Perhaps I have become overly involved in the old pattern.

Enigma_BCK 09-27-2000 09:38 PM

Yea I was swamped too, but you can get a mage. The Circus Elf girl is a Cleric/Mage.

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