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Legolas 07-09-2004 07:48 PM

<font color=lightyellow>Instead of compiling it into a single post, I plan to leave this thread open so people can edit their own forms in order to add additional characters.
<font color=lightgreen>
This means each player will only make one post here. </font>

That post will contain the character info.
<font color=lightgreen>
Any comments not directly related, as well as all discussions, go into different threads than this one.</font>

Members are allowed to select a maximum of five characters to be a part of the team. Since we're on server vault now, for convenience's sake and to allow character relations to build a bit, these characters are fixed once picked. You can no longer rotate one out to introduce a new one except in special circumstances.

What is openly called Team Ironworks in out-of-character speach is a hush-hush organisation in-game, though most members will know of each other. They are, if you will, secret agents specialised in operating under Undermountain conditions to carry out a variety of objectives specified by the enigmatic 'Z'.

All of it a thin excuse to go out there; have fun and slay things as a group, of course.

On to the roster, please fill in the form below to sign up.</font>

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T-D-C 07-09-2004 07:54 PM

Player login: T-D-C

<u>Character 1</u>
Character name: Ta'rant Hellforge
Race: Weimic
Alignment: Lawful Good
Intended classes:
1) Fighter
2) Weapon Master

Comments on character background: Ta'rant is the Leader of a Weimic Tribe that was captured by Halaster. Ta'rant pleaded with Khelban Blackstaff to transport him to Undermountian to locate his lost tribe. Khelban agreed and Ta'rant found himself in Durnans Inn.

Ta'rant is an EXTREMLY fierce fighter who is heart is as strong as his sword. He will not rest until he has found his kin.

<u>Character 2</u>
Character name: Leanna Bella
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Intended classes:
1) Sorceress

Specializing in the Necromatic arts Leanna is as beautiful as she is deadly. Can summon a hord of Skeletons to her side to fight and able to move through the sands of time with ease. She came to undermountain to find the elusive Halaster to learn his secrets or to tear them out of his dead hands.

She will fight for the greater good and uphold all of its laws.

<u>Character 3</u>
Character name: Barbag Yumax
Race: Half Orc
Alignment: ??????
Intended classes:
1) Fighter
2) Weapon Master

A collector of fine weapons. Barbag seeks the most powerful of weapons in which to take the heads of his foes

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Legolas 07-09-2004 08:10 PM

Player login: Loreweaver

Character 1
Character name: Amana Carpenter
Alignment: TN
Intended classes:
1) Cleric (currently 25, domains Knowledge and Magic)
2) Champion (currently 15)
3) -

Comments on character background:
One of the first members of team IW and still in the employ of the mysterious "Z". She recently sold much of her adventuring gear, though she clings to any set items she comes across almost as much as to her collection of bastard swords.

Character 2
Character name: Chara Telure
Alignment: CG
Intended classes:
1) Sorcerer (34)
2) -
3) -

Comments on character background:
Not quite as skilled as most of the other team members, the sorceress nonetheless tries to do her part.

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Larry_OHF 07-09-2004 10:36 PM

Player Login: Larry_OHF

Character 1: Itzelt of Ironworks

Elven Female
Cleric: 11
Fighter: 06

================================================== =============================

Character 2: Rat

Gnomish Male
Fighter: 10
Rogue: 06

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Teri-sha Illistyn 07-11-2004 03:43 AM

Player Login: Teri-sha Illistyn

Character 1:

Character Name: Aniewien Te'lyn
Alignment: CN
a) Sorcerer 1
b) Fighter 6
c) Arcane Archer 8

Character Comments:

Aniewien ( Annie for short ) is a survivor. When she has learned the art of Bowmanship and Swordplay, she immediatly set out from her homeland seeking to see the rest of the word. She arrived one day on the footsteps of Durins Inn, and entered hoping to find food and drink as well as some rest. Instead what she found were many folk gatherd around discussing what lay under the Inn, and there in the center of the common room was a well. And the well was surrounded by warriors weilding obviously magical devices. After a simple inquiry, she rested for the night, and the next morning... entered the well.

StigTC 07-13-2004 12:34 PM

Player login: StigTC

<u>Character 1</u>
Character name: Trolli Trollsplitter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Intended classes:
1) Fighter 10
2) Dwarven Defender 27 [EDIT]Dwarven defender 30 now [/EDIT]
3) N/A

Comments on character background:
Trolli follows in his fathers footsteps as an adventurer and like his father he is accumulating great wealth (like any dwarf should according to him), and just like his father he also has a tendency to run straight forward into battle and take on whatever is thrown at him.

Trolli is a sturdy fellow though and is rarely in need of much assistance, he likes to have some travelling companions at his side though, but only because he appreciates the company.

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Animal 07-13-2004 07:37 PM

Although I don't have a lot of time, I wouldn't mind getting in on some of the action occasionally.

Sign In: GodishnakHollof

Character 1: Godisnak Hollof (RETIRED)
Alignment : Neutral Evil
Classes : Barbarian
Black Guard

Character 2: Nadril Thendt (SEMI-RETIRED)
Alignment : Neutral
Classes : Druid

Character 3: Bugdush Hollof
Alignment : Chaotic Neutral
Classes : Barbarian

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Cloudbringer 07-14-2004 03:53 PM

Also not sure about my schedule, but will be trying to get to the Undermountain again so here is the beginning info:

logon name: Cloudbringer

Character 1:
Character name: Amarylis
Alignment: chaotic good
Intended classes: Ranger/wizard/arcane archer

Comments on character background:

Character 2:
Character name: Kalmia Latifolia
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Intended classes: Cleric/Fighter

Character 3:
Character name: Ivy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Intended classes: wizard/pale master

Character 4:
Character name: Bubbles Bath
Alignment: Lawful good
Intended classes: Paladin/dwarven defender

Character 5 :
Character name: Aronia Berberis
Alignment: Chaotic good
Intended classes: Bard/red dragon disciple

Character 6:
Character name: Thistleberry
Alignment: Lawful Good
Intended classes: Paladin/Champion of Torm

Character 7:
Character name: Winterberry
Alignment: some flavor of neutral I think
Intended classes: Wizard (not sure what else yet)

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darkmage87 07-15-2004 11:01 AM

Player login : Darkmage-87
Character 1
Character name : Eldraia Darkhart
alignment: lawful good (soon to be lawful evil)
intended classes:
1)Paladin 20 (current)
2)Blackgaurd (20 when i can make him evil)

comments on background:
Eldraia is or should i say was a paladin of selune untill recently when he started to lose faith in his goddess. before he was a very successful paladin he had led sevral successful defenses of selune temples against assassins and thieves of shar. recently he was sent to undermountain by a high priest of selune to investigate rumors of a cult of shar working out of undermountain. so like the good paladin he is he went to check it out. after days of wandering aimlessly around undermountain he finaly found them working out of an area in the southquarter of skullport. they were doing some business with kraken society slave traders. eldraia saw this with disgust and he attacked without thinking. he slew most of the sharists and kraken society but he had failed to notice three illithids. using theirr mental powers they planted the seed of doubt before eldraia slew them. shortly after he lost faith in selune and turned to the dark goddess shar. he now leads the cult of shar operating in undermountain.

eldraia is quick with a blade and with his tongue he can hold his own on the battlefield but sometimes has trouble when surrounded

TheCrimsomBlade 07-15-2004 10:07 PM

Main Character
PC Number 1
Player Logon:
Crimson of Ironworks
Human Chaotic Evil
Fighter------- 7
Blackguard---- 10
Wizard-------- 1

Comments and Background:

Once a respected Paladin and Commander of the Guard in Ahm.
One day he met a young woman and was persuaded to join her and three
friends on a trek to the city of splender (waterdeep) to rescue her two
brothers from a crazy Wizard going by the name of Halaster.
It took three years to find her brothers and by then two of the knights
that started with then and one of her brothers were dead and the other
brother had become totaly mad from Halasters trickery. The young woman
pleaded with Crimson and the last remaining knight that started with
them to hunt down this wizard and distroy him to avenge her brothers
and they agreed.

Crimson had tried everything to locate Halaster in the years since the
rescue with no luck. During this time he was accused of murder and was
removed from the order of Paladins when Xanathar's an Eye Tyrant and
unoffical leader of the thieves guild in Waterdeep had the remaining
knight from his party killed with Crimsons own well known Bastard sword.

Ever since Crimson has been unable to make the nobels of waterdeep believe
him inocent so, just to stay alive himself he has become more and more
evil killing everything and everybody he met in the caves and tunnels of
Undermountain. That is until a little over three years ago when he had
been battered and beaten and left for dead by a half dozen of Xanathar's
quild guards and then later found by a small group from a secret cult calling
themselves Knights of Ironworks.

Now even though he is still considered to be quit evil the knights of
Ironworks have invited him to join them in their search for Halaster and
the many treasures of Undermountain. so began the alliance with many
new friends from all walks of life and death and together he hopes to
fulfill his guest and destroy the mad Wizard before the wizard destroys him.

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lrdmukasa 07-17-2004 01:24 PM

Player login:Lrdmukasa
Character name:Lord Mukasa
2)Dwarven Defender-18

Mukasa is the leader of the Strongarm clan.One day while Mukasa Strongarm was away his fellow clan members disappeared.After years of Searching
he was told that Halaster Blackcloak or one of his Apprentices might have taken the survivors and placed them somewhere in undermountain.This is why lord Mukasa has come to the wells of undermountain.Mukasa will not use his last name until he finds his lost clan or at least what might have befallen them.

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Neo the Warrior Cat 08-01-2004 02:58 PM

Hope to see you guys today. :D

Player login: Neo_the_WarriorCat

Character 1
Character Name: Manndin Kelthor
Alignment: Lawful Good
Intended Classes:
(2)Champion of Torm (in the future)
Bio: Many rumors of the purpose of Mandin's visit to the undermountain have sprung up since the first time he entered into the dread dungeon. Some say he came to slay the ancient evil within, others say the riches within and indeed the many powerful weapons to be found drew him to the Undermountain, and still others claim that it was his thirst for challenge that brought him to the Undermountain. Whatever the reason, Mandin is a stout and reliable paladin.

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pritchke 08-30-2004 04:42 PM

<font face="Verdana" size="3" color="#00FF00">Player login: pritchke

Character 1
Character name: Genar Conforn
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Intended classes:
1) Monk (20)
2) Shadowdancer (10)
3) Cleric (10)

Comments on character background: Dwarf who enjoys using hands and feet to rip his foes apart. While a decent fellow he is not beyond sneaking up on more formidable foes to get a decent advantage and he makes a loyal and hardy friend as long as you don't come between him and his gold. Main reason for leaving the comfort of his home in the Misty Mountains, to come to Undermountain is his lust for gold, and ingredients for his favorite meal, Dwarven Beef Stew.

Character 2
Character name: Amelia Britanicus
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Intended classes:
1) Fighter (20)
2) Assassin (20)

Comments on character background: Her family was killed before her eyes by a bunch of thugs as she got holder she became a bounty hunter for hire. She accepts the highest bid and does not care how small the crime. She dispenses justice to all, her form of justice which usually means death. </font>

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jbird05 09-18-2004 02:12 PM

Player login:Jbird05
Character name:Sanzer Dragoon


Sanzer is a loner from neverwood. Looking shape in the world. he finds himself looking in undermoutain for nature. he hopes to find his dragon self in undermoutain.

Nachtrafe 09-19-2004 08:04 PM

Player login: Nachtrafe

<u>Character 1</u>
Character name: Bronwyn Haver'Cean
Alignment: Neutral Good
Intended classes:
1) Warrior(leaning heavily on Smith skills)
2) Possible Wizard
3) Possible Sorcerer
Comments on character background: This will be my first NWN MP first NWN character period actually. I will develop him as he goes along. I will add/edit as I go along. [img]smile.gif[/img] The character will be a smith who will focus on hammers as his weapon of choice.

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Ravenbear 10-03-2004 06:02 PM

Player login: Ravenbear

Character 1
Character name: Calub Ridgewalker
Race: Half Elf
Intended classes:
1) Ranger
2) Shadowdancer
3) Maybe Cleric..

Calub came out of the deep forest to Neverwinter to look for his sister Meli who had gone there to study as a Mage.
Having heard that she and another stundent wnet into Undermountain and never came out he has and to overcome his worst fear and be cut off from the sun and wind to go underground. Knowing in his heart that she is still alive.

Mercc 10-08-2004 06:54 PM

Player login: Mercc

Character 1
Character name: Trenson Gulweaver
Race: Human
Intended classes:
1) Fighter
2) Rogue
3) Champion of Torm

Trenson wandered accross the vast regions before coming to Waterdeep. Hearing of the fame and fortune that could be won in the undermountian he decided to take up the call. Even though he does not like evel and is for truth and rights he finds the bonds of Palacidin hood to confining. Soi he wages his own against the dark forces of the undermountian.

shamrock_uk 10-15-2004 08:02 PM

Player login: Detheriel

Character 1

Character name: Aladine (pronounced Allahdeen ;) )
Alignment: True Neutral

Intended classes:
1) Wizard ~29
2) Shadowdancer 1
3) Palemaster ~10

Current classes:
1) Wizard 23
2) Shadowdancer 1
3) Palemaster 8

Character background:

A bit long for this thread, you can find it here:

Character 2

Character name: Pa-Kur
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Druid 5
Shifter 13
Fighter 19

Character background: Don't know if I'll bother yet, I didn't get very attached to this one.

Character 3

Character name: Krystal of Ironworks
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Intended Class:
Fighter 10
Weapon Master 30

Current Class:
Fighter 9

Character background:Not sure yet, but definitely something other than the 'poor girl had a hard childhood' chiche...

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Calaethis Dragonsbane 01-29-2005 07:48 AM

Player login: Calaethis Dragonsbane

<u>Character 1</u>
Character name: Calaeathis Iyr'Draynor
Alignment: NE (for now)
Intended classes: 5/2
1) Ranger (check - 10)
2) Assassin (check - 5/10 (haven't decided yet)
3) Weapon Master (to be - x)
Comments on character background:
An assassin who turns to the light - eventually. I'll write more complete bio later.

PsyL3n5e 03-16-2005 03:15 AM

Player login: PsyL3n5e

Character 1-5
Character name: Names habe Yogi or Psyl3n5e
Alignment: always TN unless someone screwd me
Intended classes: monks fighters archers oh my

Comments on character background:
Supa L33t H4x0r, Taking over Waterdeep with wooden computers


AngelofDeath 03-23-2005 04:42 PM

Character 1
Character name: Grok Killa
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Intended classes:
1) Barbarian
2) Possible Rogue
Comments on character background:
Hmmm, need to work on this......

Mr. Mopery 03-26-2005 09:51 AM

Login: Mr. Mopery
Character name: Ervs’n
Race: Elf
1) Sorcerer-15
2) ?
3) ?


Fate is a funny thing. The day the dulcimer fell out the sky was the day Ervs’n had chosen to seek his fortune. And such fortune was to be found! The first sight that graced his eyes, as he lay on the ground, was a female of astounding beauty. Though she lacked courtly aires and proved as elusive as a wood nymph, Ragha was a true ‘diamond in the rough’.

Since that fateful day many years ago, Ervs’n had been stripped of his ancestral name and given up for worse than dead by his uncomprehending people, though it meant nothing to him. What price is not worth paying for true love? He passed his weeks in courtship and in adventure, seeking to prove his worth. Two autumns past, however, an evil wizard laid a geas on the destined lovers, forcing them apart…though still within shouting distance.

With fewer means to court his beloved, Ervs’n resorted to the most romantic gesture he could conceive of—composing ballads on and serenading Ragha with the very dulcimer which had brought them together. Thought it was quite heavy to drag around and played with a certain ideosyncratic ‘twang’, he knew no geas could withstand the power of such a symbolic act. Or a long series of such symbolic acts.

It worked, but fate again surprised him. One evening he discovered a note wrapped around one of his hammers. It said, “The magic you seek lies in Undermountain. At the bottom.”

Adventure called again, with another chance to prove his love. He felt the magic of his ancestors stir within his blood and set out on the next boat for Waterdeep.

Character name: Ragha, Clan Delve
Race: Dwarf
1) Fighter-7
2) ?
3) ?


What deity she had slighted, Ragha was never sure. A merciful god would have afflicted her with Bloodlung or Pustulent Gob or tugged her beard out. But mercy had no part in this.

Instead, because of a fool mage’s apprentice randily attempting to conjure flowers in a wild magic area, she’d spent the last 20 odd years followed by a deranged Pointy-Ear with an unpronouncable name.

She’d spent barely a moment since that day among her people. Another dwarf could but see her and break into giggles. Giggles! There were even jokes, “How many Raghas does it take to lure the fey-folk?” (Answer: Just one, but the more dulcimers the better.)

Out of desperation she sent the fool on errands, hoping he’d get lost or hit on the head again. Each time he returned with gifts of gold and even mythril! Finally, out of desperation she paid a sympathetic wizard to lay a geas on them. He called it “Mordekain’s Restraining Order.”

It worked…almost. For the first time in many years Ragha spent evenings in the local tavern, telling war stories. It was almost perfect—but each evening would come the discordant ‘splink-sprang’ as Ervs’n warbled his way through “Ode to a Bearded Goddess” or “How do I Love her Ear Hair, Let me Count the Ways”.

In a last, desperate act Ragha left him an anonymous note. In the days after Ervs’n had gone, though, she felt his absence keenly and her conscious even moreso—she had sent him to die and, though deranged he be, he didn’t deserve Undermountain. For a Pointy-Ear, he wasn’t THAT bad; with some whiskers and a good belch he might even be…no, probably not even then. In any case, she had to make sure he didn’t get killed.

robertthebard 06-11-2005 11:17 AM

Login: Robert the Bard
Name: Anah Brensbannen IW
Weapon Master/20
Chaotic Good, with Lawful tendencies :D

She is the self appointed tour guide, and body guard of players in need. She has slain the Red on lvl 9, taking no loot, simply because Ol' Red was between her, and the player that needed rescued, and led out of Undermountain. Now that her fighting skills have been finely tuned, she desires to test her skills against other, hopefully less helpless people in the area, all in the name of sport.

Name: Davis Lantian IW
Weapon Master/10
Chaotic Good, with neutral tendencies

Seeking to prove himself to his family, this Waterdeep native has run the gambit of Undermountain, from Murial's Gauntlet, to the Trollbark Dungeon. He has become quite powerful, and pretty influential. His family still thinks he's a loser...Guess you just can't win sometimes...

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Marathon 06-11-2005 01:05 PM

Player login: kennmoon

Character 1
Character name: Marathon
Alignment: TN
Intended classes: Monk (40)
Comments on character background: Born an exceptionally ugly elf, he quickly tired of the elven society and retired to the solitude of a monk's life. He found a sometime friend in Bumbis the Gold Dragon and visits his realm frequently. Seeking to keep the balance in all things, he no longer concerns himself with minor evil, content to run the lowest levels of the undermountain and destroy only that which can keep up with him.

Character name: Enoch the Cimmerian
Alignment: CN
Intended Classes: Barbarian (32), Fighter (8)

A devastatingly frightening fighter full of rage, Enoch hails from the land that spawned the most famous barbarian of them all, Conan. Eager to live up to the legend, he has learned to hone his rage and scatter opponents through fear alone. If that is not enough, his taunting smirks and bloody warhammer combine to finish the job.

[ 07-18-2005, 05:03 PM: Message edited by: Marathon ]

Chewbacca 07-18-2005 05:17 PM

Player login: dawn_walker

Character 1
Character name: Walker Dee
Alignment: Good
Intended classes:
3)Champion of Torm
Comments on character background:

Once a plain ole warrior, Walker joined the church and now fights for the good of all. He is drawn to Undermountain for the sheer amount of available evil to destroy.

Character 2
Character name: Kaya Flame
Alignment: Neutral
Intended classes:
3)Dragon Disciple

Comments on character background:

Kaya has sought the challenge of UM to increase her marital skills and further her understanding of the Dragon within. One day she may yet sing as a bard again, but anyone who has heard her earlier work hopes she keeps her day job.

Kaya is a master with the rapier and favor's the defensive bonus of a shield over the attack benifits of dual-welding. Kaya also has been known to wield a two-handed scythe or use a mace and shield. Her companions can always count on her to have a wide range of potions and scrolls on hand to augment her melee prowess.

Kaya's hair is as red as her name and as fiery as her temperment. Her favorite taunt while engaging opponents is "Bring it on!"

[ 08-01-2005, 10:02 PM: Message edited by: Chewbacca ]

Garnet FalconDance 08-11-2005 02:05 PM

Player login: FalconDance

Character name: T'Lara Nerel'fer
Alignment: Neutral Good (& highly upset)
Race: Half-elf
1) Druid
2) Ranger

Comments on character background:

T'Lara was once resident druidess near the fabled Waterdale City in the land of IronWorks. A mage by the self-styled moniker of Sprint cast a foul spell upon her, sending her into a blackened pit far into the depths of the Unknown Forest. After near-endless wandering, she stumbled into Waterdeep with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance on the mage and his minions.......

Character name: Berry Fein
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Halfling
1) Rogue

Comments on character background:

Proof that good things *do* come in small packages, Berry has been ridiculed from day one because she does not fall into any pre-judged mold. Small in stature, womanly in shape, and warm-hearted, she tries to do what is right......all within a rogue's code of honor. New to the rogue's life, she has already begun making a name for herself by gathering information where others have failed, by eliminating threats that completely annihilated others, and by persevering regardless of nearly insurmountable odds.

[ 08-12-2005, 10:41 AM: Message edited by: Garnet FalconDance ]

Sir Goulum 08-21-2005 06:41 PM

Player Logon: SirGoulum

Character Name: Sir Goulum
Alignment: Lawful Good
Intended Classes:
1. Paladin
2. Champion of Torm
Comments on character backround:
I'm working on it...

Greything 03-23-2006 04:40 PM

Player login: greygrey.

Character name: Yesugai,

Yesugai tries hard. He has achieved Weapon Master status and, although his beliefs may be suspect, he does have Godly support.

Buy him a beer and he will lend a hand (or a mace or two) to any expediton into Undermountain.

robertthebard 03-28-2006 02:05 AM

Login: robertthebard...

Char: Ania Frelisen

Weapon Master

No story, she figures actions speak louder than words...

Vaeleth 05-05-2006 09:46 AM

Player login: J. Goldblood

Character 1
Character name: Vaeleth
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil
1) Rogue
2) Assassin
3) Weapon Master
(and no I did not know that our musical friend Robert the Bard had made the same build...)
Comments on character background:
It would be very comforting if Vealeth would be insane. The gruelling reality is that he performs his actions in complete sanity. It makes you wonder about the nature of the human race... Vaeleth is a human of unknown birth. He was raised by a group of monks, called the Dark Brethren. They do not worship a god, they worship the act of destruction. They believe that before creation, there was a state of divine perfection. All was in perfect balance and harmony. Then, for some reason, the divinity divided itself and thus created the all that is. Therfore they see an act of creation as steeling from the divine and an act of destruction as true creation, Giving to God. Like a child wanting to return to the womb, the Monks of the Dark Brethren long to destroy everything, thus returning to pre-creationlike perfection. They believe one day a Great Destroyer shall come, a mortal wielding divine and devastating powers. And on that day of Holy Destruction all shall be made undone and all shall be well. Vealeth fiercely believes in this dogma, and therefore he has no remorse over killing anyone. He is the brotherhoods number one assassin. For as they believe the Destroyer will come as prophecised, they also percieve it as their duty to prepare the world for His coming. The leader of the dark monks is a Drow and he has psychic powers. He decides who can be killed without indangering the prophecy and who should be killed to ensure it to come true. What Vaeleth's mission in Undermountain is is unsure, but anyone travelling with him can be quite sure that their deaths have not yet been cleared by Vealeth's leader. Otherwise they would have found that Vaeleth had cut theit throats in their sleep, uttering the words "Don't struggle my friend, this is for the best..."

Character 2
Character name: Eldar Dragonblood
Race: elf
Alignment: True Nuetral
Intended classes:
1) Bard
2) Red Dragon Disciple
3) Weapon Master
Comments on character background:
Eldar Dragonblood is an elf from a far away city above the clouds in the Dragonbone Mountains. Exactly how is unsure, but it is plain to see that he is of partly draconic birth. His mother died in labour, due to his uncommon features, and his strange looks made him an outcast in elven society. One day he lost his temper and killed another elf, which resulted in banishment. His long yourney has led him through many strange places, but being out in the wild for so long has left him a bit alienated from the civilised world. The only way communication he is truely comfortable with, is his song. But he still thinks it sounded a lot better with the acoustics of the Hall of Ice under the Northern Glaciers of Thor..

Character 3
Character name: James Goldblood
Race: human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Intended classes:
1) Ranger
2) Fighter
3) Weapon Master
Comments on character background:
James Goldblood was born in a noble family, but he left the safety of his parental home to wander through te bellows of Undermountain. He is an arrogant pompous prick that everybody hates within two minutes. Yes he will watch your back, yes he will save your life, yes he will help you in any way he can, but he will then brag about it so much that you would have preferred to die in the claws of that Manticore. He has his good side though, he'll crack out a joke even in the most unpromising siuations and he has a good heart and a lightspirited mind. There is only one thing he really hates: undead. He loathes them and will always do whatever he can to eradicate them. Why didn't he become a priest or paladin then, you might wonder. Well he tried that once, but he was kicked out within the hour due to serious blashemy. Another hour and the zeallous priests would have lynched them, even though they believe in peace and harmony. And if you travel with him long enough you will understand why. If I hear him say "Yay for ME" one more time, I swear I will get that Greatsword from level 12 and skew him myself! (And I created him... Go figure.)

Character 4
Character name: Record Rico
Race: Dwarf
Alignment: chaotic good
Intended classes:
1) Fighter
2) Dwarven Defender
3) Champion of Torm
Comments on character background:
Rico is not a standard name for a Dwarf, but then again Record Rico (full name Rico Stronginthearm Foundersson) is not a normal Dwarf. Because of his name Rico has been never truly been accepted in Dwarf society. He decided to leave the mountain caves and build a reputation as an adventurer. How he actually got is first name he does not want to tell you, how he got his nickname he is more then willing to tell, so grab a beer and a stool and settle in. No I will spair you the long version... To cut a long story short: a mage hired him to dispatch of a group of annoying orcs. Rico set up an ambush in a small passage between to cliffs they had to cross. The mage had given him some top notch equipment for the job. Imagine a fully geared up Dwarven Wall and a horde of orcs trying to get across. The orcs in the back couldn't see what was happening and they were hungry so they struggled to be the first to dig in on the fresh meat. When they reassessed the situation it was too late. And running away just made the difference between greataxe in the face or throwing axe in the back.. In the end all the orcs were dead and Rico was the new record-holder of the world record orc slaying (in one day and on your one) with an impressing body count of 746 (and a half. One got away heavily wounded, he died the next day). Upon Rico's return to the wizard's tower, the backstabbing wizard refused to pay him, but he made the fatal error telling him that while Rico was still wearing all his armour and still carrying his weapons. Record Rico left the wizard tower in ruin with some nice armour, some nice axes and a very nice shield. But Rico is mostly just a nice guy, so long as you don't doublecross him or get between him and his beer...

Character 5
Character name: The Grim Reaper
Race: human
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Intended classes:
1) Fighter
2) Weapon Master
Comments on character background:
The person calling himself the Grim Reaper is a complete nutjob. You've seen them before: people thinking they could fly, people thinking they were a god or something, but someone thinking he is Death himself (you know, the skinny guy, often featured on tarot cards wearing a robe and carrying a scythe, speaks in CAPITAL LETTERS, WHICH FORM IN YOUR MIND AS IF THEY ARE CHISELED IN A TOMBSTONE... Yep that guy). Whether he is really Death or not is impossible to say, but either way the result is just as deadly.

Aragorn1 05-24-2006 03:54 PM

Player login: IAJThomas
Character name: Glorin Darkaxe
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Dwarf
1) Fighter
2) Barbarian
3) Champion of Torm

Glorin was a member of feral group of dwarves during his youth, however the group was sundered in the fires of war. Glorin then joined the ranks of one of the civilised nations, serving for a period in their army, until the guiding light of Torm caused him to seek adventure on his own.

ZFR 01-22-2012 04:15 PM

Re: Team IW
Woohoo, I can legally ressurrect a 6 year old thread.

Name: ZFR
Race: Dwarf
Alignement: Lawful Good
2)Dwarven Defender

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