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Aelia Jusa 12-19-2004 10:15 PM

Merry early Christmas! It's time to post the gifts you got for your secret santa recipients, and see what special somethings you've been given. I know it's not the 20th for some of you guys, but it's been the 20th for ages for me, so here we are [img]smile.gif[/img] . Thanks to everyone for joining in, and for replying to my pms with funny and sweet comments [img]graemlins/bighug.gif[/img] . It might be useful to put the recipient's name in bold or colour or large font so it's easy for people to see. And so they know where to get the receipt in case they need to return the gift ;)

So let the flurry of festive wrapping paper tearing and tastefully curled ribbon ripping and thoughtless forgetting-to-read-the-gift-tag-FIRST begin! I would get the ball rolling myself, but I haven't finished my gift yet [img]graemlins/blush.gif[/img] :D

SomeGuy 12-19-2004 11:32 PM

Wow! This is so cool. Anyway...

<font color=red> MERRY CHRISTMAS LANDON CONTRESSIOR!!! </font>

Here's your present!

Enjoy man. :D And Merry Christmas to the rest of you!

dplax 12-20-2004 04:19 AM

<font color=#D9BC1E>M<font color#D9A023>E<font color=#DA8428>R<font color=#DA682D>R<font color=#DB3037>Y <font color=#DC143C>C<font color=#E11157>H<font color=#E60E73>R<font color=#EB0B8F>I<font color=#F008AB>S<font color=#F505C7>T<font color=#FA02E3>M<font color=#D918FF>A<font color=#B430FF>S <font color=#6960FF>M<font color=#4378FF>E<font color=#1E90FF>L<font color=#38AEB6>U<font color=#46BE91>S<font color=#53CD6D>I<font color=#61DD48>N<font color=#7CFC00>E<font color=#8EF600>!</font><font color=#A1F100>!</font><font color=#B4EC00>!</font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font>

I hope you don't mind me having used your font coloring technique.

Your presents are:

<font color=yellow>A ticket to a concert:

<font color=red>And a little bear:</font></font>

Merry Christmas!!

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The Hierophant 12-20-2004 04:38 AM

Righto, that time already? Bloody 'ell.

Merry Christmas <font color=white>Lady Sedai</font>!

I figured I'd go shopping with the fantasy theme of this forum in mind. And so, here ya go: Your very own varnished, solid-oak, gold-rimmed-with-silver-inlay 'bowl of eternal cheetos'.

Just ring the little bell on the side and a pair of trained vervet monkeys dressed in maroon velvet waistcoats and red felt fez hats will come scurrying along to fill the bowl with a never-ending supply of your favourite snack. Upon filling the bowl, the monkeys return to their astral plane of eternal monkey happiness, eagerly awaiting with blissful anticipation their chance to sate your next cheeto craving.

The bowl comes complete with a height-adjustable solid bronze standing tripod, so you can keep it at comfortable arms length while posting on IW. There are also two carved oak handles on opposite sides of the bowl -one of a bellowing dragon, the other of a female magician dressed in flowing silk robes- that commemorate your former life as Dragonmage.

One the front of the bowl is a plaque of the finest cut amethyst with the engraving 'Lady and Hiram Sedai 4eva!' alongside an engraved love-heart with cupid arrow running through it ;)

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Take care! [img]smile.gif[/img]

Illumina Drathiran'ar 12-20-2004 05:02 AM

That's a difficult gift to follow. I can only wonder what he would have gotten me.

I'm not posting mine yet. My recipient is one people are probably wondering about, and so I prefer to leave people fraught with antici

wellard 12-20-2004 05:20 AM


Originally posted by Illumina Drathiran'ar:
I prefer to leave people fraught with antici
I know its wrong to mess this thread up, but Illumina, that cracked me up so much. It's my fave Rocky horror line. :D ON topic ... Heiro that was such a cool present. You are a class act man [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

wellard 12-20-2004 07:41 AM

Happy Christmas <font color="#7c9bc4"> Absynthe </font> :D

You’re present begins <font color="#7c9bc4"> Absynthe </font> when you open up a brown A4 sized envelope. Inside you find two plane tickets flying business class on Qantas via Australia to Bangkok in Thailand with transfers to your final destination, the mysterious country of <font color=plum>BHUTAN,</font> a remote Himalayan kingdom. Also inside the envelope you find all the necessary documents and travel money.

Your fortnight long all expenses paid for trip to Bhutanincludes a stopover and whirlwind tours of Sydney hosted by your very own tour guide (Me) Which would no doubt be topped off by a social evening with the now legendary Sydneybased Ironworks members.

Arrivingrelaxed at Paro International Airport in the remote Himalayan kingdom perched on the roof of the world between China and India. You will be one of the very few tourists allowed to visit Bhutan every year (limited to about 6,000)

Imagine a nation, with no traffic lights, no railroads, no McDonald's, no billboards and hardly any crime. Yet still a country safe for the American adventurer with Buddhism the predominant religion.
Visualize an undiscovered Asian Switzerland, a place where people still wear traditional clothes (by law) and inhabit snug timber-and-mud homes, where sports fans are crazy for archery and bases its economy and its philosophy by making Gross National Happiness the main indicator of government success rather than gross national product. The tour will be guided and may include horse or mule riding to ease the pressure (or lack of) of being so high up. Vistas, culture and the people are guaranteed to make this the most memorable holiday ever. Take the time to click on the links to enjoy your virtual holiday nearest to heaven. Of course the journey back would also include another stopover in Sydney and more guided sightseeing in the land down under :D

Here are a few links

And some excellent pics (when clicked to make bigger)
The above site is worth the trouble for a virtual tour in about 360 pics

Happy Christmas once again <font color="#7c9bc4"> Absynthe </font>to both you and your loved ones. :D I hope the New Year will bring happiness and a content soul for you all. And personally that I might get to know you better, I am sure we have never chatted before.


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Vaskez 12-20-2004 08:02 AM

Aaah the warm fuzz-fest fills our hearts and fuzziness flows out of every follicle in our bodies. (Arledrian will appreciate this adapted line :D ) How appropriate the the beating heart for this thread label. Oh Aelia, you're such a sweety, darling! *swoon* *faint* :D :D

Melusine 12-20-2004 08:11 AM

Thanks Dplax! And I'll just use some different letters. ;)

<h1><font color="#000000"><font style=background:#D9D919>M</font><font style=background:#D9B81E>e</font><font style=background:#DA9724>r</font><font style=background:#DA762A>r</font><font style=background:#DB5530>y</font><font style=background:#DB3436> </font><font style=background:#DC143C>C</font><font style=background:#D01954>h</font><font style=background:#C51E6C>r</font><font style=background:#BA2384>i</font><font style=background:#AF289C>s</font><font style=background:#A42DB4>t</font><font style=background:#9932CC>m</font><font style=background:#7F49D4>a</font><font style=background:#6661DD>s</font><font style=background:#4C78E5> </font><font style=background:#3390EE>t</font><font style=background:#19A7F6>o</font><font style=background:#00BFFF> </font><font style=background:#05B6DA>y</font><font style=background:#0BADB5>o</font><font style=background:#11A590>u</font><font style=background:#169C6B>,</font><font style=background:#1C9346> </font><font style=background:#228B22>A</font><font style=background:#319E1C>e</font><font style=background:#41B116>r</font><font style=background:#50C510>i</font><font style=background:#60D80B>c</font><font style=background:#6FEB05>h</font><font style=background:#7FFF00>!</font></font></h1>

My gift to you is a small, gold, unassuming doorknob. Here it is.

Yeah, I know, a bit boring, what can I say, money's a little tight round these days, I'm sure you'll under... but no...nonono... Don't throw it away just yet! NO! Ack! Nooo.... Hmm. Oh well, there we go. Look at that. Knob floating gently downwards through the air, until it hovers in front of your hand. And there it is - do you see the faint outlines of a thick oak door starting to form? That's your gift, open the door, go on. It's your own portable private library!

Existing in its own pocket of extra-dimensional space, the library is always there when you need it. With its rich furnishings, soft fluffy carpets and cozy fireplaces, it is indeed the best place to spend a rainy afternoon or frosty winter evening. But wait, there's more! ;) In this library, you will be able to find any book you need. When debating on the Current Events forum, you may find yourself in a tight spot, and needing some bookish back-up to prove your right. Just hop by your private library and you'll be sure to find just the book you were looking for. Volumes on any topic that might interest you; law, philosophy, geography, history, biology - you name it. Because of its extra-dimensional nature, the library can hold as many books as you might need at any given time.

Since your profile said you like to read, since you seem to be very interested in the world around you and in learning more about a wide range of subjects, and since you're a student of law, I thought this would be just the gift for you. Be assured, the library comes equipped with a wireless laptop connection to the internet, so you can curl up in one of the chairs, browse the forums and stay inside your pocket plane library for as long as you like. Just don't crumble your snacks all over the upholstery [img]graemlins/1pissed.gif[/img] ;)
Merry Christmas!

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Lady Sedai 12-20-2004 09:27 AM

<h1><font color=blue>JARADU!</font>

<font color=red>M</font><font color=green>e</font> <font color=red>r</font><font color=green>r</font> <font color=red>y</font> <font color=green>C</font><font color=red>h</font><font color=green>r</font><font color=red>i</font><font color=green>s</font><font color=red>t</font><font color=green>m</font><font color=red>a</font><font color=green>s!</font></h1>

I don't know you very well, but I hope you will enjoy your pressies.

As I see you like these guys *and* electric guitar, this part of your pressie is for you to meet, and tour with, the band. Yes, YOU get to be the lead guitarist to the Peppers this summer!

[img]graemlins/music01.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/music02.gif[/img]

You will also receive autographed posters and your very own RHCP guitar and a complete collector's set of their music.

Second is a personal gaming room with *the* best computer known to gamers complete with all games you could ever want to play (and which run glitch and bug free). Also included in this package is a 54" plasma screen T.V. and every console game system you desire along with all the games for each one that suit your tastes.

And last, but not least, you get to *be* the embodiment of "encouraging justice and glory" by becoming a Superhero yourself. Yes, *YOU* get to fight injustices, protect the weak, and do great things in the name of humanity.

Enjoy! ;)

[ 12-20-2004, 08:30 AM: Message edited by: Lady Sedai ]

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