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warmonger3 10-17-2000 12:06 AM

Doh! I didn't know the sword was that good! I took the three wishes in stats. Oh well maybe next game. I flunked the assasin quest too. Hehe.

Philip 10-17-2000 12:15 AM

A weapon's toughness relates to how often it needs to be repaired. A weapon with 100% toughness never gets damaged (I think). I remember finishing a fight with the Mother of Crabs and two of my party members weapons had broken and were gone!

boby 10-17-2000 03:39 AM

I dont know if you guys knew about that but there is a way to get unlimited wishes from the genie.Here is the story: We got ERASMUS the mage and ROBOCOP the barbarian. ROBOCOP pick up the lamp place it in is backpack.Go back to adventuring screen select the USE button and use it on ERASMUS.When the wish is granted ROBOCOP drop back the lamp to the ground.Then ROBOCOP can pick it up and use it again on ERASMUS over and over.Then if you want to upgrade ROBOCOP too then create a new char and use this char to boost up ROBOCOP.Its also a great way to make cash since the ring is worth 15k.


Pain 10-17-2000 08:51 AM

The wishes really aren't unlimited but there is a definite bug/exploit here. The game tracks a wish as taken if that character both INVOKES the Jinn (you CTRL click on him) *and* he makes a wish.

So if you want unlimited wishes, just make sure one of your characters never makes a selection from the wish list. As long as he's always the one you CTRL-click on to invoke the Jinn, just have someone else make a selection. They can do it any number of times.

Here's another catch -- the Jinn's stuff is good but it's not that awesome. You can get Chainmail of Angus and the Sword of Angus as many times as you want (both nice items), you can get the trait "Arm of Angus" only once per character; or you can get +1 to all stats once per character. If you ask for the Ward, you get the Amulet of Angus, which may be the nicest item he has.

But that's it. You can't power-up your characters indefinitely using this, it's only worth doing a few times.


Scronan 10-17-2000 11:08 AM


I was wondering about how this worked, thanks for clearing it up.

I noticed the Armor of Argus kind of lame, and what does "toughness" do for you? When I was enchanting my weapons and armor, I was unsure what this stat actually does. Anyone?

BTW, the Sword of Argus has extreme potential. Remember somebodys post about using the Enchant/Blessings skill to give a weapon 12 more attack points?

Well, it seems the Sword of Argus can be given 10 more enchants, just for kicks I tried it last night. The sword will end up doing 16-50 damage PER HIT. Combine this with a backstab, well, you do the math, its insane!

I don't know what other weapons are out there, but this one I made takes the cake. I didn't save the game though, thinking its too big of a cheat...

I agree the ward is a nice item, and you can't enchant it or the Armor. The HP bonus is great for a Faerie, unless you know about the Toughen spell...heh.


boby 10-17-2000 09:07 PM

thats the fastest way to increase stats past 20

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