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Legolas 07-09-2004 07:48 PM

<font color=lightyellow>Instead of compiling it into a single post, I plan to leave this thread open so people can edit their own forms in order to add additional characters.
<font color=lightgreen>
This means each player will only make one post here. </font>

That post will contain the character info.
<font color=lightgreen>
Any comments not directly related, as well as all discussions, go into different threads than this one.</font>

Members are allowed to select a maximum of five characters to be a part of the team. Since we're on server vault now, for convenience's sake and to allow character relations to build a bit, these characters are fixed once picked. You can no longer rotate one out to introduce a new one except in special circumstances.

What is openly called Team Ironworks in out-of-character speach is a hush-hush organisation in-game, though most members will know of each other. They are, if you will, secret agents specialised in operating under Undermountain conditions to carry out a variety of objectives specified by the enigmatic 'Z'.

All of it a thin excuse to go out there; have fun and slay things as a group, of course.

On to the roster, please fill in the form below to sign up.</font>

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T-D-C 07-09-2004 07:54 PM

Player login: T-D-C

<u>Character 1</u>
Character name: Ta'rant Hellforge
Race: Weimic
Alignment: Lawful Good
Intended classes:
1) Fighter
2) Weapon Master

Comments on character background: Ta'rant is the Leader of a Weimic Tribe that was captured by Halaster. Ta'rant pleaded with Khelban Blackstaff to transport him to Undermountian to locate his lost tribe. Khelban agreed and Ta'rant found himself in Durnans Inn.

Ta'rant is an EXTREMLY fierce fighter who is heart is as strong as his sword. He will not rest until he has found his kin.

<u>Character 2</u>
Character name: Leanna Bella
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Intended classes:
1) Sorceress

Specializing in the Necromatic arts Leanna is as beautiful as she is deadly. Can summon a hord of Skeletons to her side to fight and able to move through the sands of time with ease. She came to undermountain to find the elusive Halaster to learn his secrets or to tear them out of his dead hands.

She will fight for the greater good and uphold all of its laws.

<u>Character 3</u>
Character name: Barbag Yumax
Race: Half Orc
Alignment: ??????
Intended classes:
1) Fighter
2) Weapon Master

A collector of fine weapons. Barbag seeks the most powerful of weapons in which to take the heads of his foes

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Legolas 07-09-2004 08:10 PM

Player login: Loreweaver

Character 1
Character name: Amana Carpenter
Alignment: TN
Intended classes:
1) Cleric (currently 25, domains Knowledge and Magic)
2) Champion (currently 15)
3) -

Comments on character background:
One of the first members of team IW and still in the employ of the mysterious "Z". She recently sold much of her adventuring gear, though she clings to any set items she comes across almost as much as to her collection of bastard swords.

Character 2
Character name: Chara Telure
Alignment: CG
Intended classes:
1) Sorcerer (34)
2) -
3) -

Comments on character background:
Not quite as skilled as most of the other team members, the sorceress nonetheless tries to do her part.

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Larry_OHF 07-09-2004 10:36 PM

Player Login: Larry_OHF

Character 1: Itzelt of Ironworks

Elven Female
Cleric: 11
Fighter: 06

================================================== =============================

Character 2: Rat

Gnomish Male
Fighter: 10
Rogue: 06

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Teri-sha Illistyn 07-11-2004 03:43 AM

Player Login: Teri-sha Illistyn

Character 1:

Character Name: Aniewien Te'lyn
Alignment: CN
a) Sorcerer 1
b) Fighter 6
c) Arcane Archer 8

Character Comments:

Aniewien ( Annie for short ) is a survivor. When she has learned the art of Bowmanship and Swordplay, she immediatly set out from her homeland seeking to see the rest of the word. She arrived one day on the footsteps of Durins Inn, and entered hoping to find food and drink as well as some rest. Instead what she found were many folk gatherd around discussing what lay under the Inn, and there in the center of the common room was a well. And the well was surrounded by warriors weilding obviously magical devices. After a simple inquiry, she rested for the night, and the next morning... entered the well.

StigTC 07-13-2004 12:34 PM

Player login: StigTC

<u>Character 1</u>
Character name: Trolli Trollsplitter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Intended classes:
1) Fighter 10
2) Dwarven Defender 27 [EDIT]Dwarven defender 30 now [/EDIT]
3) N/A

Comments on character background:
Trolli follows in his fathers footsteps as an adventurer and like his father he is accumulating great wealth (like any dwarf should according to him), and just like his father he also has a tendency to run straight forward into battle and take on whatever is thrown at him.

Trolli is a sturdy fellow though and is rarely in need of much assistance, he likes to have some travelling companions at his side though, but only because he appreciates the company.

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Animal 07-13-2004 07:37 PM

Although I don't have a lot of time, I wouldn't mind getting in on some of the action occasionally.

Sign In: GodishnakHollof

Character 1: Godisnak Hollof (RETIRED)
Alignment : Neutral Evil
Classes : Barbarian
Black Guard

Character 2: Nadril Thendt (SEMI-RETIRED)
Alignment : Neutral
Classes : Druid

Character 3: Bugdush Hollof
Alignment : Chaotic Neutral
Classes : Barbarian

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Cloudbringer 07-14-2004 03:53 PM

Also not sure about my schedule, but will be trying to get to the Undermountain again so here is the beginning info:

logon name: Cloudbringer

Character 1:
Character name: Amarylis
Alignment: chaotic good
Intended classes: Ranger/wizard/arcane archer

Comments on character background:

Character 2:
Character name: Kalmia Latifolia
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Intended classes: Cleric/Fighter

Character 3:
Character name: Ivy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Intended classes: wizard/pale master

Character 4:
Character name: Bubbles Bath
Alignment: Lawful good
Intended classes: Paladin/dwarven defender

Character 5 :
Character name: Aronia Berberis
Alignment: Chaotic good
Intended classes: Bard/red dragon disciple

Character 6:
Character name: Thistleberry
Alignment: Lawful Good
Intended classes: Paladin/Champion of Torm

Character 7:
Character name: Winterberry
Alignment: some flavor of neutral I think
Intended classes: Wizard (not sure what else yet)

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darkmage87 07-15-2004 11:01 AM

Player login : Darkmage-87
Character 1
Character name : Eldraia Darkhart
alignment: lawful good (soon to be lawful evil)
intended classes:
1)Paladin 20 (current)
2)Blackgaurd (20 when i can make him evil)

comments on background:
Eldraia is or should i say was a paladin of selune untill recently when he started to lose faith in his goddess. before he was a very successful paladin he had led sevral successful defenses of selune temples against assassins and thieves of shar. recently he was sent to undermountain by a high priest of selune to investigate rumors of a cult of shar working out of undermountain. so like the good paladin he is he went to check it out. after days of wandering aimlessly around undermountain he finaly found them working out of an area in the southquarter of skullport. they were doing some business with kraken society slave traders. eldraia saw this with disgust and he attacked without thinking. he slew most of the sharists and kraken society but he had failed to notice three illithids. using theirr mental powers they planted the seed of doubt before eldraia slew them. shortly after he lost faith in selune and turned to the dark goddess shar. he now leads the cult of shar operating in undermountain.

eldraia is quick with a blade and with his tongue he can hold his own on the battlefield but sometimes has trouble when surrounded

TheCrimsomBlade 07-15-2004 10:07 PM

Main Character
PC Number 1
Player Logon:
Crimson of Ironworks
Human Chaotic Evil
Fighter------- 7
Blackguard---- 10
Wizard-------- 1

Comments and Background:

Once a respected Paladin and Commander of the Guard in Ahm.
One day he met a young woman and was persuaded to join her and three
friends on a trek to the city of splender (waterdeep) to rescue her two
brothers from a crazy Wizard going by the name of Halaster.
It took three years to find her brothers and by then two of the knights
that started with then and one of her brothers were dead and the other
brother had become totaly mad from Halasters trickery. The young woman
pleaded with Crimson and the last remaining knight that started with
them to hunt down this wizard and distroy him to avenge her brothers
and they agreed.

Crimson had tried everything to locate Halaster in the years since the
rescue with no luck. During this time he was accused of murder and was
removed from the order of Paladins when Xanathar's an Eye Tyrant and
unoffical leader of the thieves guild in Waterdeep had the remaining
knight from his party killed with Crimsons own well known Bastard sword.

Ever since Crimson has been unable to make the nobels of waterdeep believe
him inocent so, just to stay alive himself he has become more and more
evil killing everything and everybody he met in the caves and tunnels of
Undermountain. That is until a little over three years ago when he had
been battered and beaten and left for dead by a half dozen of Xanathar's
quild guards and then later found by a small group from a secret cult calling
themselves Knights of Ironworks.

Now even though he is still considered to be quit evil the knights of
Ironworks have invited him to join them in their search for Halaster and
the many treasures of Undermountain. so began the alliance with many
new friends from all walks of life and death and together he hopes to
fulfill his guest and destroy the mad Wizard before the wizard destroys him.

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