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Kalgrog 01-06-2001 06:33 PM

The rewards for evil seem much less than for being a goodie goodie all the time. Anyone that has played all the way thru as evil, does this bias make it less fun as an evil aligned character?

G.W. 01-06-2001 08:57 PM

There's no reason to be a goodie goodie. First, you can steal most everything you need and sell it to a black market merchant to make up for reputation. It's easy to get a decent rep (slave quest), or just have Viconia momentarily leave the party (talk to the merchant before she asks if she is leaving). Then, as far as quests, if you are evil, you can always demand money for your services and refuse to do quests that don't give you money. The money you will surprisingly extort is given in lieu of reputational gains, not experience. It is about the same if you went to the temple and donated this money you got for your reputation. But this is the life of a neutral evil, who is self-centered and avaricious but not a sadist. Naturally, to be chaotic evil, you'll have more trouble because you will be killing off the weak for pleasure. Neutral evil works very well though. Even Jaheria seems to stay interested.

Memnoch 01-07-2001 12:01 AM

Kalgrog, click here for some more info on how to play evil. Warning: there are spoilers (not on the first page) about specific quests associated with evil).

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