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Kaleban 11-16-2001 12:52 AM

Okay, I have to say I think the Celestial Fury is the best weapon in the game so far, barring maybe the Blackrazor. The stun effect, the "light show" and the shape of it while wielded is just too darn cool.

Only problem is, its only a +3 weapon.

In fact, there are no +5 Katanas, Ninja-Tos, OR Wakizashis...

Kind of a major handicap for the oriental Kensai theme isn't it? I mean, sure you could choose longswords, or the Staff, or Flails and Axes, but it just doesn't fit the image of an agile warrior slicing and dicing to be swinging a 5-headed flail all over the place.

The point is, didn't Black Isle figure on this, and since Team BG tools can even add in new weapons via the override file, why didn't they come up with a "balanced" +5 weapon of every proficiency category?

Just curious....

Morgan_Corbesant 11-16-2001 01:04 AM

i agree, i would love a +4 AND a +5 dagger for my fighter/thief. she is a daggerfighter, and that would just be great. i think it would just be too damn cool though, so they put only a few +5 weapons. imagine if EVERYONE had a +5 weapon, it would be too damn easy IMO. at the same time though, it IS a bit crappy. how about a good +5 mace, or spear. my fighter/mage would LOVE a +5 spear. oh well, wishing does me no good, and i cant figure out IEEP to save my life, so i guess im just stuck.

chinese noodle 11-16-2001 03:12 AM

if you want i could just send you my +5 version of celestial fury i made if you give me yo email adress

Kaleban 11-16-2001 09:11 AM

Well, there is Ixil's Spike in ToB, and its a +6 Spear...

What I meant though, and what Morgan pointed out is the rarefication of +5 weapons or better. Why isn't there at least one weapon of each class that is able to hit all enemies? What if your character concept is a crushing mace barbarian, who has to wait until ToB to hit anything with the +5 Storm Star?

And the problem with IEEP and making weapons is that for me, I was not involved in BG2's planning stage, so I do not know the criteria used to balance the game. I absolutely abhor cheating in any form, and I like to play and/or conquer games on their terms. So I won't require the Celestial Fury +5, but it pains me not to accept... ;)

Svenman{GUARD} 11-16-2001 04:15 PM

I like the equalizer and the celestial fury, but i think that it would be cool if they made a +5 katana. That would be awesome.

Lucre 11-16-2001 04:30 PM

a pkus 5 katana that had a restriction of fighting a demigod/dragon/demi-lich and had a -3 wisdom and charisma penalty. I think that would be balanced if it had a dispel effects with every it and cast blind once a day.

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