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Kaleban 11-28-2001 06:02 PM


Seriously though, got a couple of questions. First, does anyone have their Elven Fighter-Mage with 5 stars in their chosen weapon, 2 in Single-Weapon Style, and the rest in the other styles (except for Two-Weapon Style, as how could a True Bladesinger ever bond with two weapons??)?

Obviously, you have to use Shadow Keeper to do this.

Second, what are your favorite weapons? Although katanas are pretty stylish, for the long haul into ToB their lack of +4 or better options really limit them as a primary weapon. Angurvadal is nice (long sword), as is Flail of Ages and Foebane.

I guess I'm just curious as I plan on starting a new Bladesinger, possibly going solo, and just wondering what others do as a reference...

andrewas 11-28-2001 07:24 PM

inTOB you can get hindos doom. it goes to +4 when you add the hand. the hand is in one of the Fives enclaves. sendais, to be precise.

Morgan_Corbesant 11-28-2001 08:42 PM

yes, i do what you say, with the five stars in weapons. i put the two into singleweaponstyle. on all others, i put ONE point, but try not to use them. a bladesinger know HIS weapon of choice, and that is it, thus the five stars in my weapon. i have a bladesinger named morgan corbesant, who is level 10/ll fighter/mage. he is a master of longsword, bladesong, and ninjitsu (book says not other WEAPONS, nothing about STYLES however)

as far as using TWO weapons, it is more likely that they can do that, then use TWO HANDED weapons. those are too big and bulky to utilize the bladesong correctly. my character for instance is ambidextrous. i picked this, so if his sword arm was injured, he can still use the bladesong, with no worked out well when i caught an arrow in my shoulder during an adventure. do to that fact that i am ambidextrous, theoretically, he SHOULD be able to dual-wield, just not use two handed weapons or shields.

as far as weapons, i use longsword. im doing another one however, who will use shortswords (cutt-throat) all in all, bladesingers are AMAZINGLY powerfull, in pen and paper. i just TRY to make them as good as possible in this game too. bladesingers get an automatic +1 hit and damage with their chosen weapon, so i use shadowkeeper, to make his base thaco 19. so yes, i do use bladesingers, lol.

keep up the bladesinger tradition man. im considering making a guild of all elves, and bladesingers will ALWAYS be welcome, IF i end up doing it. im new at the guild/clan thing, and couldnt do a webpage to save my life. but who knows, maybe ill do it soon. heh

Kaleban 11-28-2001 08:45 PM

As nice as Hindo's Doom is, it still can't compare to items like Carsomyr +6, Staff of the Magi +5, Ixil's Spear +6, Staff of the Ram +6, Crom Faeyr, Flail of the Ages, etc., etc.

If I'm not mistaken, the Katana class of weapons is the ONLY one by ToB that does not have a +5 or better enchanted version to be found. Strange for a sword perfectly adapted to the adventuring lifestyle. Light, strong, razor-sharp, and fast. If ToB had a component that upgraded Celestial Fury to a +5 variant, *drools*...

andrewas 11-28-2001 08:50 PM

kaleban, the katana is already a perfect fighting sword, so the enchanters struggle to find ways to make it +2, never mind +5.if +2 requires an extra-ordinary sacrifice on the part of a dying samurai. whats +5 going to take?

Kaleban 11-28-2001 09:57 PM

I think the item description is mostly there for flair. In P&P games, to make an enchanted weapon requires 3 basic spells: Enchanted Weapon (makes a +3 weapon, level 4 I believe), Enchant an Item (level 6 I believe, and used solely for making magical items), and the Permanency spell.

The components may be hard to find, and most DMs make it difficult, but the BG2 descriptions are there to add to the "flavor" of the game. Does the text for the Crom Faeyr elcicit pulls on your heart-strings? I sure hope not.

Anyways, it makes no sense that an inferior weapon, such as a quarterstaff (its simple wood) could be made to kill Liches, Dragons, and everything else, but the perfect fighting sword cannot even scratch them!!!

Logic 101. Something that is better, should function more effectively, yet that is not the case here. At least one weapon from each class should have an equal enchantment (in terms of versatility or power, at least the +x designation) to give each character a chance of overcoming its foe. I'm okay with a less powerful weapon overall as long as it can still be used to effectively smack everything, or at least having a chance to hit! Talk about balance...

Dundee Slaytern 11-28-2001 11:51 PM

<blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by andrewas:
sendais, to be precise.<hr></blockquote>

If that is your 'precise', I shudder to think what is your 'inaccurate'. ;)

Just kidding, but Hindo's Hand is found in Abazigal's Lair, not Sendai's Enclave.

Kaleban 11-29-2001 12:19 AM

Well, let me ask this then.

If you do the Bladesinging way in BG2, and ONLY try to use certain weapons, in SoA for example HOW would a solo Bladesinger take down Kangaxx since there are no +4 swords (non-two-handed) until ToB?

I suppose you could suck it up and use another weapon like the Staff of the Magi, or perhaps Crom Faeyr, but I like getting the Ring of Gaxx and doing most of the Athkatla quests before venturing out into the wilderness. Plus I hate stepping out of character even in a single-player game of BG2 where role-playing is not always easy...

Ares 11-29-2001 10:07 AM

Kaleban, I salute you. I could never play a D&D game correctly if my life depended on it. ;) How you keep in char during a single player game on a comp, is beyond me. Must be cause he is near the Twin Cities...

Yggdrasil 11-29-2001 10:21 AM

Take down Kangaxx with the Flame Tongue sword (+4 to undead), which you get in the druid grove.

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