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Vassili_Zaitsev 11-14-2001 12:25 AM

Im currently starting BG2 fromg begining running multiplayer mode. I wanted to create 2 of my own characters. I have a few questions though. Is there any difference or disadvantage by playin multiplayer and not singleplayer? Can i still get strongholds? If there is stuff u cant do in mulitplayer but can in singleplayer plz tell me. I hope its not that bad though. Thanks

-Vassili Zaitsev

Jafin 11-14-2001 12:28 AM

There is no real difference between multiplayer and single player, except that since you have more characters from the start, you don't get as many NPC's. No big deal though. You can still get a stronghold, but only for the protagonist, your second character can't have one of their own.


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