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Cjones 11-07-2000 05:17 PM

Is it the caves east of the Dragonspire?
I see a switch on the other side of a
gate, but no way through the gate.

Wyvern 11-07-2000 05:21 PM

If memory serves me correctly (anyone a fan of Iron Chef???) ... when I entered the Boogre Caves someone switched a lever causing my party to fall into a nice little pit trap from which there was no escape .....
okay, there was an escape. Eventually a rather brilliant (by Boogre standards) Boogre came by during the course of our conversation desided that we really weren't meant to be trapped in the trap and opened the gate so we could get out - or rather further into the Boogre Caves.


Cjones 11-07-2000 06:36 PM

When I enter the caves, noone pulls the
switch to cause me to drop into the pit.
Where does this guy come from, and how
do I get him to trap me?

Wyvern 11-07-2000 08:40 PM

Well how odd. As I remember it my party walked in - there was a mean old Boogre on the other side of the gate who just flipped the switch and down we went. Don't think I had to do anything special to get trapped in that place. I'm not too far from there in my second game. I'll recheck it out and see if I have some real help to offer.


Wyvern 11-07-2000 09:01 PM

Okay, I went back to these caves and had no trouble getting caught.
When you walk into the cave there is a lever on the left side of the wall that you have to switch which then loads the Caves - just like all the other places get loaded. Once you've loaded the caves just walk up the gate and the old hag should see you and throw a switch and drop you into the pit!
Have fun getting ugly!!


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