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Sharpedge 09-11-2001 09:57 AM


Originally posted by slackerboy:
there is no way only 6 people .
that is multiple floors engulfed in flames.
this is going to be a huge tragedy.

Aye, this is absolutely horrific. I can't believe it.

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Avatar 09-11-2001 09:58 AM

All planes are banned from take off. Never heard of this before....


Kaz 09-11-2001 09:59 AM

Oh no... I can't believe it either... I don't want to believe this. Tell me it's just a bad dream,... Oh NO.....



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Avatar 09-11-2001 09:59 AM

Unconfirmed Arab Organisations are claiming the attack from Middle East Intelligence.


AngelofDeath 09-11-2001 09:59 AM

Somebody is going to pay for this attack. The president just said that the people responsible will be hunted down.


Reeka 09-11-2001 09:59 AM

I am at work and trying to keep up with this here and on ICQ with a friend of mine in Israel. In fact, my friend from Israel came on ICQ and told me about it. Any more about if it was done by Palestinians? I don't have anything here at work.

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Elif Godson 09-11-2001 09:59 AM

The FAA just shut the system down. My friends sister
works at the Pentagon. this truly sad

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AngelofDeath 09-11-2001 10:00 AM


Originally posted by Avatar:
All planes are banned from take off. Never heard of this before....

They said on the radio that this has never been done, ever before, except in wartime.


skywalker 09-11-2001 10:01 AM

I hate to say it, but we are on the brink of war!


Avatar 09-11-2001 10:01 AM

I'm digging my super bunker now.

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