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Rikard 11-29-2000 11:11 AM

So What should i buy to amuse me between Baldur's Gate2 and Neverwinter Nights
W&W or P;T
And more importently WHY


freudianslip 11-29-2000 03:53 PM

Well, a lot of people love Planescape: Torment; I am not one of these people. Perhaps it's because of the infinity engine; I played the first BG so much that I can't bear the site of another game based on that engine, at least for now. Don't get me wrong, it's a good engine; I just wearied of it. Torment has interesting dialogue; however, the respawn seemed a bit crazed (I must have battled 100's of identical thugs wandering around in the first town.. sigh..)

W&W has great atmosphere; the ambiant life; it's not as "polished" as PT, but I find it more fun. Of course, I am biased. Either way, you'll probably enjoy your time spent.

Junker 11-29-2000 04:48 PM

If you like a game that focuses on a great(One of the best CRPG Storys)story and dont mind to read a lot(And I really mean a lot)and has less fighting, then maybe Torment is something for you,well planescape torment is built on the same engine as BG and Icewind Dale but they shouldnt be compared, P.T is in a leage of its own.

And then we have W.W that hardly has any story at all(Ohh well it has one, but one of the worst in a CRPG yet)Okey ill admit there is a few cute and well made NPCs but doesnt make a good story. The focus here is more charachter development and lots and lots of fighting..

So its up to you,,,Both games are certainly very funny, but each game could be less funny depending on you..What do you like ? Is the story important ? Do you like to battle hordes of monsters ?

As a note from my side P.T is a true roleplaying expereience( As close to real roleplaying you could get with a computergame) and W.W has stats skills but your characters is just there,,,they newer react to anything you do,and they doesnt complain about anything (empty shells with some skillstats)according to me that isnt roleplaying its just the tip of the iceberg of what roleplaying really is..

freudianslip 11-29-2000 05:07 PM

Once nice thing about W&W though, that PT lacked, was the ability to scale the encounters as you see fit; put the monsters on "seldom" and "Hard" (as I do) and you are guaranteed far fewer, more meaningful encounters.

Kore'tha-Konkoror 11-29-2000 05:32 PM

For what it's worth, I'm a guy that likes some action and story mixed equally. ( Unless its an online shooter or role playing game like Unreal Tourney or Ultima Online ). But you are obviously looking at the single player aspect. As far as Planescape went, I really liked it and still do think it is beautiful and well wrought. Therefore I have respect for the game and will give it props. But the volume of text you have to read is just too damn much. I found myself sitting talking to the same NPC for nearly half an hour sometimes, depending on if you want to explore everything they have to say and get all the memory regeneration bonuses and abilities. In essence, Planescape is like a novel ( there is THAT much reading it seems ) and your standard dungeon crawler ( all I remember is walking around whacking things with the nameless one's axe when I wasn't reading pages of NPC speech ). So to cut this short, I got sick of all the reading. If I wanted that much text in my face I'd go read my copy of Moby Dick again. I buy games to get involved and "DO" something.

Now Wizards and Warriors is a different animal. Sure, Junker has a point about WW's shallow story, but it isn't as bad as he said. It's actually done well in my opinion. It gives you just enough to keep the imagination going, while still giving you a general sense of purpose where you need it. You have to remember that WW places alot of emphasis on adventure and exploration, so there isn't going to be this drawn out theater style story sequence that tells you everything,including the feelings of every character involved with visual aids and diagrams and all the trimmings you get with PST.

Basically, if Torment could actually talk it would talk your ear off about conflict and setting and character emotions and what everyone looks/smells like-right down to the pimple on a characters buttocks, then you get to kill a bad guy or ten. If WW could talk, it would say get me that damn shiny holy thingy from the evil place for x reason, and send you on your way to visceral battle as you search out the item/clear the dungeon/kill the bad guy/etc.

Depends on what you want out of your Role Playing Game. Personally I like WW more because it cuts to the action and the character development-in my opinion- is funner than PST. Did you know that your main char in PST gets no armor throughout that whole game and that you cant outfit your other characters? I like to have complete control over my char's look, name, gear, everything! Planescape doesn't allow that level of character customization, although the game touts itself as the best char developing game around. So basically expect only reading and some killing from Planescape with some moderate puzzles to solve. WW provides deep adventure and explorations, exotic locales ( haunted shurugeon castle is cool ) and I love the battles.

But hey, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong ( Dennis Miller closing )

Ravensong 11-30-2000 12:02 AM

To me, the dialog in Torment was an amazing part of the best CRPG that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Although there is a ton of text, I found it to be a pleasure to be able to roleplay though alot of quests without combat. Don't get me wrong there is also plenty of action and lots of quests can be solved either way, but often you will get lots more experience for thinking your way though something instead of just hack and slashing through it.

Planescape also is among the darkest of RPGs ever to make its way onto a computer. At one point you find a petrified arm that acts as a +3 magic weapon, you soon realize that it is your own severed arm from a previous incarnation.

The best way that I can describe this awesome game is that it combines BG with the dark atmosphere of the Fallout series. A very unique game that shouldnt be missed.

Kore'tha-Konkoror 11-30-2000 12:38 AM

Like I said, depends on what you're looking for in a game. The text is well written and amazing, but really tests my patience after the 20th page, and thats only on one of the very first NPCs you meet. It's all a matter of taste. WW won me with superior character customization and creation ( in my opinion ) beautiful graphics and awesome combat and exploration gameplay. I own both so, whats that tell ya. Planescape was good, but for me didn't have the combat-exploration level of gameplay I wanted, and the character creation and customization ( or lack thereof ) really got me down. The game just didn't have longevity. I mean, the char always looks the same, has the same name, and cant really put much equipment on that gives you a sense of customization. In other words, PST is too rigid in that respect. If you like customizing your char in baldur 1 or icewind dale, don't expect to create the nifty looking half elf ranger with blue duds and blonde hair that you usually create, because you are gonna have to use the ugly gray nameless one as is for the whole game. Plus the game is pretty slow, expect to get confused searching around ( slowly ) forever to find the little crevass you need to slide through to get to location x or whatever. Anyway, do as you will.

nightowl66 11-30-2000 06:30 PM

Planescape ***** 5 stars for originality
a game where every action, every decision, from how to develop your characters strengths, who you talk to, how you talk to them, who your companions are,etc., has different consequences as the game progresses. more text than usual, but you can really feel a part of the world, as your choices make ALL the difference!

Ravensong 12-01-2000 01:44 PM

I find it somewhat bizarre that you refer to your characters appearence as a reason for your preference of WW over PST when you can't even see your appearence in WW. As far as the Nameless One, You have the unique opportunity to be 3 different classes at once, so ~to me~ there was alot of room to customize. The Tattoo system is an awesome idea for customization, I really cant understand why you say that PST is lacking in that department. I have to admit that the character advancment is a beautiful thing in WW, but to me thats all its got going for it, the graphics are nothing special, its WAY too dark at night, the monsters are far too easy to kill even on hard and trying to keep track of who gave who what quest is an absoulute disaster. Not to mention all the bugs, was this game ever even beta tested? It crashes constanty on a rock solid machine.
I will agree that the text heavy approach may turn off some people more used to a Diablo style hacker, but WW is not even in the same league with Planescape Torment.

Rusty 12-01-2000 05:52 PM

I found Planescape to be a much better game than W&W. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying W&W despite it's coding flaws; the main reason I'm lukewarm on it is that as a game it's not terribly far away from Wizardry I (yes, I go back that far). Think about it: strip away the eye-candy, which in this sort of game is really superfluous, and you're not far from a knockoff of a 15-year-old RPG. The characters in W&W are completely cardboard. They have no personality whatsoever and no means of developing any. The quests for the most part are pure fetch exercises. The story could hardly be more hackneyed. Nevertheless as a computer equivilent of 'comfort food' I'm having a lot of fun.
Ah, but Planescape! One of the very few computer games that has ever produced a deep emotional response in me! People complain about too much reading...well, that's because in order to have a deep story and characters with history and personality, you're going to have to read a lot. Hey, it's a game, to each his own, you like Quake, well God bless! But these are 'role playing games', the premise is to have a compelling character that we can project ourselves into. And Planescape has the most original, gripping, wildest and engrossing story and characterization I've ever seen in a CRPG. I rate it one of the top 2 or 3 of all time. Forgive me for gushing, but that game got my attention!

Get it!

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