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Thinker 12-05-2000 04:25 AM


I will be starting BGII tonight??? Any recommendation on my inital character and what is the best combination for the group????


WOLFGIR 12-05-2000 04:47 AM

Damned be I if I know..
This is probably one of the most difficult questions of all cause it affects your gameplay on a personal level. I suggest that you try to stay true to your alignment and it all depends on what character you play..
If you are a warrior type, take as many of the mages/druids/wizards you can and.. A thief is vital! Lots of nasty traps! Alot of them actually. Minsc is a preferable character since he is the funniest of them all! Jaheira is invoved in the storyline so start with her. The bounty Hunter you meet is also good to have along. Then the tough decisions starts. I like Aerie a cleric/mage, though a bit whiney, Keldorn a Paladin is always useful, some like Keldorn but he is evil so I stay away from him, Edwin also.. Viconica is good but well she is a drag to the party moral sometimes but though many of yu Npc´s thinks you should have her with you.. Mazzy is good if you want a good archer but is useless in closecombat, Anomen is a lousy cleric who wants to be a fighter of the Radiant heart.. There are though alot of sidequests and you can "toggle" your partymember as you go and can pick them up later, so you can have a NPC with you so you can complete the quest and then ditch them.

Armisael 12-05-2000 05:03 AM

I won't tell you what to make your character, that's your decision, there are no really 'bad' classes. But if you really want my opinion for an easy, fun game, here it is: make your character a neutral or evil fighter or thief class. Keep Jaheira, she's very useful as a druid. Minsc's pretty good. Once you're through with the first little parts of the game, get your NPCs. Korgan is the best fighter in the game, is a chaotic evil berserker, and spends his time in the Copper Coronet inn in the slums of Athkatla. Edwin is a lawful evil conjurer, the best mage in the game, but you can only get him during and after a quest for a thieves' guild. Viconia is a neutral evil cleric, the best cleric in the game (see a pattern here?). She's in the government district being persecuted because she's a Drow elf. Having a party made up of these people is very effective. A warning, though, Minsc and Edwin won't get along, so I usually replace Minsc with a gnome thief/illusionist named Jan Jansen. Anyway, good luck.

Magnus Magnificent 12-05-2000 01:41 PM

The best character is easy......It's the one you imported from TOTSC. The same one you imported to TOTSC from BG1. If you haven't played them, you should. They are way too good to pass up, and I would definitely play them before BGII. It would definitely limit your enjoyment of the previous games if you played BGII 1st.

Jon Irenicus 12-05-2000 01:57 PM

Alright this is my advise go to team bg's site. Go to the links page. Go to the page with Drizzt in it. Go to charecter/cre. Download Play as a lich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glorick the Half-Orc 12-05-2000 02:29 PM

I agree, the best char would be one you bring from BG1. If you had the foresight, start him as a fighter with 18 int, dex, con, str. Give him all the tomes you find, raising those stats to 19s. Then bring him into BG2 as a kensai. At level 9, dual-class to Mage. Specialize in dual-wield and longswords, or two-handed weapons and two-handed swords. You should have the str and con of a 1/2 orc (19), dex of an elf (19), and int of a gnome (19). Totally rocking.

Magnus Magnificent 12-05-2000 02:39 PM

If I'd only known..........

Draggor 12-05-2000 08:41 PM

This is a tough question. You've probably already started the game by the time I write this. Your character will depend on whether you've played other rpgs or not. If this is more or less your first rpg a normal fighter is the best choice. No fancy skills to worry about, can afford to make the occassional mistake and not die because he's tough and can use most items in the game. Until you learn the fine strategys you'll mostly just run into battle with everything. Might as well have a character who'll kick butt. Your npcs will mainly depend on personal preference. If you're a first timer you'll want lots of characters straight away and not have to worry about things like keeping your reputation low. Take all the characters you find in the first dungeon, they're all very good characters. Then probably get Anomen when you reach the copper coronet. He's very arrogant but you don't need to do anything to get him and he's a strong fighter and has healing powers. Good for a first timer. Then get Aerie for your mage. She's also a cleric so you get more healing. Edwin is a pure mage but you'll probably won't use much magic in your first game and anyway he's evil and won't work with a good party once your rep is up high.

Conan 12-05-2000 08:58 PM

Play the character that you feel. Part of the fun of rpg is playing yourself in a world you'll never be in. In the real world I tend to be more of a fighter than say a sneaky type person neither do I covet power like a mage might. Play a character that you feel.

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