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Griefmaker 01-30-2005 03:54 PM

Hey all!

I was looking at Gamespot's rumor control when I saw that entry aout Troika. I would be sad to see them go because I am one of those poor fools who is still hoping for Arcanum 2!

I know the ToEE was sort of a flop (i personally liked it except for 3.5 rules--2nd edition rules may be simple and character limiting, but they still appeal to me for some reason), Arcanum was not super popular, and I don't know how the new Vampire game is doing, but it would still be a shame to see them go.

They are one of the few developers who like turn based combat, which is my preference. It may be too slow for some people, but I like tactical combat because you can plan EVERY move, instead of sometimes flailing around (like I did sometimes in the BG games,even with autopause--I know, I suck!).

I know many people aren't too fond of Troika or their games, but I am a sicko and hope they stay around for a while and make some more games.

Thanks for listening to my meandering ramble!

Lucern 01-30-2005 04:04 PM

Keep those rambling (yet honest) posts coming Griefmaker, and welcome to the forum [img]smile.gif[/img]

I like Troika too. Arcanum was very ugly by the time I got it, but not so ugly that it overshadowed what a cool rpg it was. I also stick up for ToEE, with limits. I'm a turn-based strategy freak, even in smaller scales like a DnD party. It really lets you, and the enemy, play the hand they were dealt properly and/or creatively.

I don't know how the vampire game is doing profit-wise, but it got RPG of the year from IGN I believe. Profit-wise, it seems all of us computer-gamers are easily outdone by even the most ill-conceived console game.

Was was the rumor control saying that they are or aren't shutting down? Just possibly? If it's possibly, then it sounds more like a rumor rather than rumor control lol.

Griefmaker 01-30-2005 04:51 PM

Lucern, I see that you have very good tastes when it comes to games, styles, and tactics! I agree that turn-based DnD is the best way to go. I enjoyed the BG games, but I would have liked them even more if they were turn-based!

According to rumor control, the rumor is "bogus for now", but they also said that Troika will make a statement in the beginning of February.

Here is the website for the rumor if you or anyone else is interested (hopefully this is the actual site!):

It is rumor #7.

Bozos of Bones 01-30-2005 05:38 PM

Not troika? No... I love those guys! I'm also one of those guys who still hope for Arcanum 2. Heck, I even have a storyline done in my head :D
I'd hate to see them go, and I'm quite glad the rumor is "bogus fo now".. antho I'm scared...

Hopeless Necromantic 01-30-2005 05:39 PM


Originally posted by Griefmaker:
I enjoyed the BG games, but I would have liked them even more if they were turn-based!
They are. Go into the auto-pause subsection of the gameplay options and choose "Pause after each round". It then plays the same as any other turn-based game.

But back on topic, I wouldn't be surprised if it does turn out to be true. You can put out only so many bug-ridden games before you're driven out of town. It's unfortunate that many of those bugs may well be the fault of the publisher.

The team members at Troika that worked on Fallout have come a long way.

[ 01-30-2005, 04:41 PM: Message edited by: Hopeless Necromantic ]

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