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willy1 11-01-2000 05:00 PM

Alright, killed raskilion, got the dragon ore, got my dragon armor from the king...

But there was no boss...the "Living stone" the mentioned was never there. I have explored every square inch...norm the bosses are something you cant avoid...yet I did. I left the stout mines, but I feel like it is incompelte. Where is the boss? This "living stone"?


wandor 11-01-2000 05:13 PM

i experienced the same thing. The only thing I fought in the mines were crazy dwarves slime and the lava dogs never encountered anything else... oh yeah bats too.

willy1 11-01-2000 07:57 PM

comon...all someone has to say is "yea I fought the living stone" or add to our line and say I didnt fight one.

DSavant 11-04-2000 01:52 AM

yea, I found the living stone. Its the very last Lava Dog you run into right before you get the ore.

KnifeHand 11-07-2000 10:41 PM

I was wondering about the living stone thing thing to. I either thought it was the king's way of saying there was an eruption and they were killed by lava, or I thought it was a really big crab that I fought by the pool.

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