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Lord_Althar 11-02-2000 08:38 AM

I need help with the question that the spinx asks. i.e. where do I find the answer or what is the answer.

Wyvern 11-02-2000 10:02 AM




at least those were the answers to the questions he asked me!

Altean 11-02-2000 02:50 PM

Yeah. Funny thing is, that first time I answered water instead of ice and sphinx told me that I was very close and she gave me another one, that one was tougher or I just didn't catch it right so I just answered some mismatch and she attacked. Anyway first question (Ice one) is pretty easy and common question. Next 2 answers (Kerah, Anephas) you can just guess from what you got to know from in game. Holy Defender is Kerah (Angel with Sword), Holy ...?(not sure) is Anephas

Lord_Althar 11-02-2000 04:43 PM

Thanks, guys

Dr_Schlong 11-07-2000 08:37 PM

BTW: if you answer "Water" to the first question, then the answer to the second question is "Shadow".

Sir Zeke 11-07-2000 09:23 PM

he never asked me anything so i killed him...

KnifeHand 11-07-2000 10:13 PM

The answer to my first question was "Death", then Kerah, then Anephas. I think there are a few different questions, and it picks one randomly.

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