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Ladyzekke 01-28-2005 07:55 PM

Just came across this, if it has been posted before, my apologies.

It shows a lady who pretty much has to be drunk, or on something, driving. The people behind her are filming her (with some cool music playing too I must add LOL). She eventually hits a guard rail, and then the confrontation ensues LOL.

Dace De'Briago 01-28-2005 08:05 PM

Poor woman :(

Looks like she'd had a bad day, even before those assholes stole her keys ;)

Blind_Prophet 01-28-2005 08:13 PM

Roflz Thats some uh interresting english.....And yes system of a down helped the video

Ladyzekke 01-28-2005 08:14 PM

ROTFL, but she had a spare Dace! :D

Wow there are lots of videos on this site. [img]smile.gif[/img] And from reading the text underneath each one, it seems that they tell you if a particular video was found out to be fake. I just watched one on page 3, Big Wave Surfing. Man if that is a true video that is incredible the guy got as far as he did, although he must be a bit insane LOL.

Violet 01-28-2005 08:15 PM

See what happens when you drink and drive? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
I'm glad she didn't hurt or kill anyone.
That was cool music too LOL!

Ladyzekke 01-28-2005 08:20 PM


Originally posted by Blind_Prophet:
Roflz Thats some uh interresting english.....And yes system of a down helped the video
Oh I know LOL, and he also says something like "You hit the bridge, and didn't manage to kill yourself, unfortunately." [img]graemlins/hehe.gif[/img]

Ah, that's who the band was, I recognized the song, but didn't know who it was from. Definitely fit in quite well with the video! Not sure if they dubbed that in or if that was playing in their car.

Kakero 01-29-2005 02:09 AM

Emm..A bit confused. Especially towards the end. Nice music though.

SilentThief 01-29-2005 11:19 AM

Ahh the agony of Dial-up....

I've only seen about half of it, but its pretty wild. The possibility of someone being able to video record you at any time (due to the new cellphones) means you'll prolly see a lot more of this stuff. It means it might be smart to not do stuff that you might not want someone to record at any given time, for example like this (even tho that has been MY understanding for a while now).


Ladyzekke 01-31-2005 10:25 PM

Indeed, there are not only tons of people with video cameras now, but cameras in phones, and even some digital cameras have video features.

I always feel like, somebody's watchin meeee!

Ugg was that a Michael Jackson song? It just came into my head when I was typing the above.

Need more cold medicine... :D

Jerry_Seinfeld 01-31-2005 10:44 PM

Lots of cameras indeed.

About 3 years back my dad got hit by a truck on his motorcycle, luckily some guy got it on tape and used it as court evidence against the guy who was driving the truck.

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