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Overlord 12-05-2000 11:35 PM

I finished Skull Castle but have a few questions:
- I found a button behind a stack of movable crates in the dungeon area (the area you can access using the key from the Lich). I pressed the button. Nothing happened that I could see. What happens when I push the button?
- In one of the hallways there are two winglevers across from each other. One works and opens a vertical grate, one doesn't. Is there something I should have done to get the non-functioning lever to work?

thoon 12-06-2000 02:00 AM

Interesting. I concluded that the button behind the crates was just meant to tip you off that the button for the lava bridge was hidden behind stuff. And I couldn't get the broken lever to do anything either. I would be interested if anyone got anything out of these two items.

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