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Morgana 11-03-2000 12:11 AM

Things have gone worst and i cant get the Serpent Statue. Must be some kind of bug, something invisible blocks me in the underwater tunnel.
Can someone pls send me the words for the naga spirit. I tried to get the statue for hours and my party drowned a hundred times.

Thanks for your help

corsair 11-03-2000 01:38 PM

The spirit asks four questions: As the serpent charms...The Servant Bows
As the serpant scheams...The Servant Dreams
As the seppent sleeps...The Servant Waits
As the serpent strikes...The servant Prays

Spell all of the words correctly or you will not pass the test.

As for not being able to mave past a point, The characters movements are dependant on the location of the cursor. I have had the same problem and I founr that I had to look a differant way while moving (Down, up, etc.). Teh passages are not always high enough for your lead charactor to get through and you may have to "bend down" to continue.

Morgana 11-03-2000 08:17 PM

Thanks alot, finally i can continue
I was really going mad about this


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