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Gadzooks 03-12-2001 05:07 PM

Well, I've just about had it with the makeo3d program and .o3d files. Yes, if you set your display to 16 colors and 1024x768 under windows 98 - it works. Don't try it under Windows ME (won't display textures). I've been able to re-texture existing items (stuff that has a .03d file), but cannot seem to get makeo3d to import anything from other programs.

Has anyone out there had any luck with using 3rd party tools to create objects and then getting makeo3d to texture them? (please send product name(s) and version(s)). I've tried micrografix and macromedia stuff - anything I could find that built a DXF file - to no avail.

What tool creates an o3d file (and version)?

What is a 3ds file and what tool/version creates one?

Are there any public domain editors (like blender, etc.) that can be used?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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