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T-D-C 05-19-2005 06:20 AM

What's Your Guild Wars Character?
Hi Everyone,

Please use this area of the forum to post your character name, level, and professions.

Please use this format.

Time Zone:
Server: (American, European, Korean)

If you have more than one character please post them all in the one post. You can go back and edit your thread for any new characters.

Character: Whirlwind Axehand
Profession: W/Mo
Level: 20
Time Zone: GMT +10
Guild: The Shadowsworn
Server: American

Character: Edric Stormfire
Profession: E/Me
Level: 20
Time Zone: GMT +10
Guild: The Shdowsworn
Server: American

Character: Caalador Truestrike
Profession: R/Me
Level: 20
Time Zone: GMT +10
Guild: The Shadowsworn
Server: American

Character: Leanna Shadowblade
Profession: As/Mo
Level: 20
Time Zone: GMT +10
Guild: The Shadowsworn
Server: America

Character: Leanna Shadowhex
Profession: Me/A
Level: 18
Time Zone: GMT +10
Guild: The Shadowsworn
Server: America

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Hivetyrant 05-19-2005 07:25 AM

Character No#1:Dessaryth Tarysoon

Character No#2:Garyth Mort

Hey T-D-C, should we also post our PvP characters?

Arvon 05-19-2005 08:01 AM

Lord Arvon
Level 9

StigTC 05-19-2005 08:07 AM

Character #1: Arceus Rage
Profession: Warrior monk
Level: 20

Character #2: Healus Arcanius
Profession: Monk necromancer
Level: 17

Character #3: Bom Bardier (Actually he hasn't been made yet, but the name has been reserved from the beta)
Profession: Elementalist x
Level: 1

I'm on the European world though, so most of you wont see me.

Elif Godson 05-19-2005 05:27 PM

Character #1: Kable Cromwell
Profession: Ele/monk
Level: 12

Character #2: Ashivaka Bloodrage
Profession: Necro / Mesmer
Level: 7

Character #3: Elif Godson
Profession: Warrior
Level: 4

Character #3: Ayame Pathfinder
Profession: R/Me
Level: 7

Looking for Guild!!!

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Kakero 05-19-2005 08:36 PM

Character: Dharc Serpent
Profession: Ranger/Monk
Level: 20

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Dave_the_quack 05-19-2005 09:01 PM

Name : Derek Longdeath (Leader of the Shadowsworn guild [TSS])
Profession : Elementalist/Necromancer
Level : 20

Name : Faile Iceheart
Profession : Warrior/Monk
Level : 20

Name : Gretchin Wiener
Profession : Monk/Ranger
Level : 14
Pet : Black Bear (Gnasher)

Name : Marius Snakebite
Profession : Ranger/Mesmer
Level : 15
Pet : Dune Lizard (Godzilla)
Ran all the way to Droknars forge and Augery Rock from Ascalon (with help) at level 2.

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Xen 05-20-2005 03:27 PM

Character: Darius The Deadly
Profession: Elementalist/Memser
Level: 7

TheCrimsomBlade 05-20-2005 08:40 PM

Guild Name: None at the moment

Account #1) all 3 Editions #1 Collectors Edition Prophecies #2 standard edition Factions #3 Nightfall Collectors Edition

Character: Insidious Devourer (Male) PvE----Prophecies
Professions: Elementalist/Necromancer
Level: 20 & Completed Ascension +42 skills over 20th
Armor: 60 armor +15 Energy +15 Fire Damage +40 Health Fully Infused
my first Character to complete any of the three stories

Character:Chrimson Banshee (Male) PvE-----Prophecies
Professions:Elementalist / Monk
Level: 20 + completed game 90 Skills ascended won the game and done 80% of factions
Now used as storage and bank

Character:Dark Zen Archer Dan (Male)PvE-----Prophecies
Professions:Ranger / Monk ascended won the game
second Profession changed to Warrior Fully Infused
Level: 20 World Runner Have run Snake Dance for pay more than 50 times
Armor: Nightfall Ranger 70+20 armor
Animal: Lvl-20 White Tiger from the ruins
still used as runner in all three games and have done 50% of the Official Expansion GWen also did final mission in Prophecies for a second Time to
receive the new Deldmar weapons.

Character: Dark Night Mask Dan (Male)PvE PvP and soon GvG----Factions
Professions: Assassin / Ranger
Character used as Storage and Bank

Character: Dark Crimson Blade (Male) Unsure of 2nd class maybe Mesmer?--Factions
Profession: Warrior /
level: 4 pre-searing
Still Lvl 4 used as storage only

Character: Dragon Tahmus Scar (Male)----Factions
Profession: Monk / Elementalist
Level: 6
armor: mixed collector and beginner
Deleted on June 8th 2008

Account # 2) All 3 editions and Gwen #1 Standard Edition Prophecies
#2 collectors Edition Factions ( already sold the mini pet Dragon) &
#3 Collectors Edition Nightfall

Character: Dark Scar Master Sr. (Male) PvE,PvP, GVG----Factions
Profession: Warrior / Monk TANK
Level: 20+
Armor: 100+20 Luxon

Character: The Wild Cat (Female) PvE my smallest character----Factions
Profession: Ranger / Warrior
Level: 11
Armor: +50 with : Deleted Jan, 2010

Character: Barbarian Fire Sage (Male)PvE GvG----Factions
Profession: Elementalist / Assassin
level: 10
Armor: 40 +20 vs Piercing
used as storage and bank

Character: Troy Iceblade (Male) PvE GvG maybe----Factions
Profession: Assassin / Ritualist
Level: 7
Armor: working on upgrading

Character: Dark Wild Mistress (Female) PvE----Factions
Profession: Ranger / Warrior
Level: 13
armor: +50
storage an Rune holder

Character: Hanjais Jade Dragon (male) PvE---PvP---GvG---and Allience Battles
Profession: Ritualist / Mesmer
Level: level 20
Armor storage character only

Characters #7 threw 11 are all in different stages of development

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jbird05 05-22-2005 02:27 AM

No guild at this time:

Character: Kilron Blackscar
Profession: Warrior/ Elements
Ascended: yes

Character: Mako the Immortal
Profession: Monk/ Ranger
Level: 20
Armor: Tats
Ascended: Yes

Character: Nemeis Enforcer
Profession: Nec/mes
Level: 14
Armor: Bonelance

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