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Wyvern 07-01-2004 01:08 PM

As many regular readers know - we have had many an exciting tale of adventurers posted on the board. Originally the plan had been to post Missy Hissy's story all in one thread and then add the other stories - but a funny thing happened on the way to the forum – Bungleau’s and bcftcs’stories became intertwined!
Many great minds* pondered this conundrum and the solution set forth in this new Sticky Thread is to create a “card catalog” of links to the stories, everyone’s stories.
Authors are invited to post links to their most excellent potboilers so that all may enjoy!!

Readers are kindly asked to not post within the Library as that would be the equivalent to talking: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! If you wish to compliment our great authors, we can have a "book signing" thread! lol!

* obviously not mine! lol!

bsftcs 07-02-2004 09:03 PM

<h2>Stackman’s Adventures</h2>
(The unofficial forum walkthrough)

I believe this index does great justice to the Stackman Saga by finally granting it the ability to be used as a walkthrough, for which it was also meant in the first place. I want to thank the whole forum in general for their superior knowledge without which this would never have been a waltkthrough, and, of course for their kind replies to my story. [img]smile.gif[/img] Often important clarifications were made in the threads of the single chapters. I want to thank Bungleau in particular for the excellent manner in which he saw to it that our two stories became intertwined. [img]smile.gif[/img]

The index contains following:

1) A link to all the chapters in the saga and a few related threads.
2) Dungeons – which chapters contain information on which dungeons?
3) Guild quests – which chapters contain information on how to complete them?
4) Characters – in which chapters do the various NPCs and monsters appear?

<font color=lime><font size=5>Chapters:</font size></font color>

Prologue: The Myths of the Gael Serran
Chapter One: A Good Start
Chapter Two: The Glimpse of a Higher Purpose
Chapter Three: An Amphibian Feast
Chapter Four: Descending Into the Premises of the Dead
Chapter Five: Mean Means of Treatment
Chapter Six: The Mastermind Behind
Chapter Seven: Another Day, Another Gold Piece
Chapter Eight: The Smell of Burning Flesh in the Morning
Chapter Nine: Fond Farewells
Chapter Ten: Buffet at the Salad Bar
Chapter Eleven: Anyone Home?
Chapter Twelve: And He Moaned QUITE a Bit
Chapter Thirteen: Tunneling the Rock
Chapter Fourteen: A Dilemma
Chapter Fifteen: From One Underground Maze to Another
Chapter Sixteen: Pastime in a Dungeon
Chapter Seventeen: The Exploration of the Shire
Chapter Eighteen: Backstroking
Chapter Nineteen: Nearing the Top
Chapter Twenty: Nightmare in Store
Chapter Twenty-one: By the Seaside
Chapter Twenty-two: The Sea
Chapter Twenty-three: Inside the Skull
Chapter Twenty-four: Twists and Turns
Chapter Twenty-five: Of Stacks and Men
Chapter Twenty-six: The Enchanted Isle
Chapter Twenty-seven: And So unto the Shrine in the Sand
Chapter Twenty-eight: So Much for Ancient Lore
Chapter Twenty-nine: An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter Thirty: Riots, Rapscallions and Rabble-Rousers
Chapter Thirty-one: The Lost Sea
Chapter Thirty-two: A Watery Experience
Chapter Thirty-three: Shooting Crabs
Chapter Thirty-four: Ascent
Chapter Thirty-five: The Ultimate Stack
Chapter Thirty-six: The Liberation of the Stack
Chapter Thirty-seven: Fire in the Hole
Chapter Thirty-eight: Stackman Goes Stackward
Chapter Thirty-nine: Burning Hearts
Chapter Forty: Delicious Flesh on a Spike
Chapter Forty-one: A Treat for the Spectators
Chapter Forty-two: Qui est-ce, cet homme Cet?
Chapter Forty-three: Between Colleagues
Chapter Forty-four: The Final Perils (Or What?)
Chapter Forty-five: Prophecy Fulfilled
Epilogue: Homecoming

After the events in chapter 45 but before the epilogue events occur in the bar called The Boar's Head:

Boar’s Head 1
Boar’s Head 2

Part of the party's background is known from an ascension tale:

A Heart’s Tale

<font color=lime><font size=5>Dungeons:</font size></font color>

The Crypt: 4, 5, 6
The Serpent Temple: 7, 8, 9
Shurugeon Castle: 11, 12, 13
The Stout Mines: 13, 14, 15
The Boogre Caves: 15, 16, 17
The Dragon Spire: 18, 19, 20
Skull Castle: 23, 24, 25
Anephas’s Shrine: 27, 28, 29
Collasium: 32, 33, 34
The Pyramid of Cet: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

<font color=lime><font size=5>Quests:</font size></font color>
List of the chapters in which a quest is "completed" - not in which it is undertaken or in which the party is commended for having completed it.

Valeia governor:
Skeleton bounty quest: 4
Lord Barrenhawk parcel quest: 7
Kill Juba Thobers quest: 9
Valeia temple:
Mekdawa potion quest: 2
Pay 500 gold quest: 4
Retrieve Ring of Saints quest: 4
Valeia armoury:
Kill Mon the Sculz quest: 1
Investigate Toad Village quest: 3
Retrieve Sword of Mastus quest: 6
Valeia magic shop:
Find Scabban quest: 6
Kill Tevik Teporn quest: 7
Retrieve Orb of Clarity quest: 9
Ishad N’ha governor:
Stop Bronze Firebeast quest: 18
Kill Werewolf quest: 13
Kill Brahmar quest: 20
Ishad N’ha temple:
Kill Naga quest: 9
Find news of Galian quest: 11
Jathil delivery quest: 17
Ishad N’ha armoury:
Kill Gliebott quest: 11
Stout invitation quest: 13
Kill Doshi Gin quest: 17
Ishad N’ha magic shop:
Retrieve Ardibren’s relic quest: 12
Find Idol of Aku quest: 17
Retrieve Colanth’s Eye quest: 19
Ishad N’ha pawn shop:
Retrieve 10 gold serpins quest: 7
Retrieve Ardibren’s book quest: 12
Find Band of Boars quest: 17
Ishad N’ha bushi dojo:
Deliver dragon arrow quest: 10
Find news of Grunaxe quest: 16
Kill Shrew Chishi quest: 17
Brimloch Roon governor:
Kill Gineleng quest: 26
Kill hydra quest: 35
Brimloch Roon temple:
Find Fountain of Isis quest: 26
Retrieve relic of Isis quest: 27
Retrieve Monk’s Ward quest: 35
Brimloch Roon armoury:
Retrieve Strumbold’s Helmet quest: 22
Retrieve Goshin’s shield quest: 24
Kill Ramakamil of Wyr quest: 26
Brimloch Roon magic shop:
Kill Mada Mabbig quest: 25
Retrieve seed of the living tree quest: 26
Destroy aegis quest: 27
Brinloch Roon pawn shop:
Deliver Talrik’s hook quest: 22
Find news of leprechaun quest: 29
Retrieve Talon’s Fang quest: 33
Brimloch Roon bushi dojo:
Kill the Darkened One quest: 28
Kill Bloodbeard quest: 31
Retrieve No-Dachi of the Stone quest: 31
Brimloch Roon shipyard:
Retrieve conch shells quest: 22

<font color=lime><font size=5>Characters encountered:</font size></font color>
In alphabetical order. Only friendly NPCs with which one can have a conversation and monsters who either need to be killed in order to complete a quest or who guard a quest item are listed along with the chapter(s) in which they appear.

Adrianna: 24, 25
Ala-Shakahn: 32
Altar of Serran (Wilderness of Valeia): 9
Altar of Serran (Wilderness of Brimloch Roon): 31
Anephas: 28, 29, 44, 45
Ardibren: 12
Argothius: 22
Bilbump: 1
Blubarb: 16
Boogre Guard, the: 15
Bloodbeard: 31
Brahmar: 20
Cet Ude D’ua Khan: 25, 42, 43, 44
Colanth: 19
Darkened One, the: 28
Djinni of the Lamp, the: 17
Doshi Gin: 17
D’Soto: 11, 12, 13
Ekbu: 3, 4
Elyssia: 9
Erathsmedor: 20, epilogue
Erzebette: 10
F’Lokis Ra 4
Freyedies: 13, 15, epilogue
Gareth: prologue
G’Ezzered Ra: 24, 25, 37, 39
Gineleng: 26
Gliebott: 11
Gorthius: 1
Goshin: 24
Grue Morde (the Traveler): 1, (20)
Grunaxe: 16
Grundel: 13
Haleabus: 13
Harespia: 9, epilogue
Hephaestus: 18
H’Thark: 8
Inquisitor, the: 8
Jathil: 17
Kerah: 29, 41, 42, 44, 45
Kerielle: 2, 6, epilogue
Kol: 7, 18, 20
Kreug: 7
Kreug’s Familiar: 8
Leprechaun, the: 26
Lysandra of Yur: 12, 13
Mada Mabbig: 25
Malgrim: 16
Mekdawa: 2
Missy Hissy: 29, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
Mon the Sculz: 1
Mother of Crabs, the: 33
Mystical Sphynx, the: 27
Nivius: 6
Oakenmir: 26, epilogue
Oracles of Ishad N’ha, the: 7
Pastollio, Signeur: 13, 15
Pris’Kiel’a: 15, 16
Raskalion: 14
Rethpian: 4, epilogue
Rumphy: 5, epilogue
Sarellia: 32
Scabban: 6
Scanthril: 10, 15
Serpent Master, the: 9
Shinwiki: 3, 4
Shrew Chishi: 17
Signeur Pastollio: 13, 15
S’Keser Da: 15, 16
Sphynx, Mystical: 27
Statue of Kerah (The Crypt): 4
Statue of Kerah (Serpent Temple): 8
Stuck Toad, the [img]graemlins/hehe.gif[/img] : 3
Talrik: 22
Tevik Teporn: 7
Tia: epilogue
Torin: 10
Traveler, the (Grue Morde): 1, (20)
Urgussa: 34
Urthdala: 19
Vargul: 16
Vermoura: 34
Wolf Beast, the: 13
Xydusa: 7, 9

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Bungleau 07-02-2004 11:46 PM

<font color=yellow><h3>Solo Warrior: Missy Hissy's Adventures</h3></font>

The previous official thread is here...
No really... it's here!

A long, long time ago, I started playing a solo warrior, largely because the current belief in the forum was that it would be the hardest possible game. I've since changed my opinion, but while playing that solo warrior, better known as Missy Hissy, I went from simply reporting events to telling a story. And the story kept growing, and growing... and growing...

It took almost 18 months to complete the story. Certainly the game was done much earlier, but the actual story, the documentation of what happened... that took longer. And without bsftcs and Stackman's party, it probably would have taken forever... for that, I am eternally grateful.

Much of what happens in the story is factual, and intended to be a semi-walkthrough (although not as thorough as Stackman's adventures). Somewhere along the way, Missy Hissy came to life, and the whole plot line about Kerah and Missy's dad... well, they just suggested themselves. So don't go looking for them in the game... ;)

When I get time, I'll format this properly to reflect all the chapters and the intermingling with Stackman's adventures. Until then, bear with me... and enjoy your reading.

Bungleau 03-30-2007 04:22 PM

<h5>*edited to point to correct locations in the new forums*</h5>
<h2>The Story of the Peasants</h2>A while back, I played a peasant game of Might and Magic. It's referred to as a peasant game because your initial characters start with absolutely nothing -- no stats, no skills, no equipment, no money, no hope.

I used the W&W Roster Editor to create a peasant party, just to see how it would play. If anyone wants the original peasant party, PM me and I'll send it over.

It was... different. Far beyond just being harder, it actually changed the scope of the game. The peasants' adventures are documented below... feel free to glimpse the hardest W&W game I have played yet...

Peasant game... round 1...
Peasants... round 2
Peasants... third time's a charm
Peasants... FORE!
A fifth of peasantry
Peasant six-pack
Seven peasant stud...
Table for eight peasants
Nein, peasants!
Bowling for peasants... ten of 'em!
Eleven peasants on the field...
A dozen peasants to go, please...
Make that a baker's dozen of peasants, please...
Two weaks of peasants
Fifteen peasants on a dead man's chest
Foursquare peasants
NC-17 peasants
Playing 18 peasants at the Royal & Ancient
Peasants on the 19th hole!
A score of peasants
Peasant Blackjack
22 Peasants on the field
Twenty three peasants... and counting!
Two dozen peasants with cream cheese
No quarter for peasants
The Peasant Alphabet... in English...
A Perfect Cube of Peasants
A Peasant Tragedy
What of the Peasants?
Excuse me...
On the road to Brimloch Roon
He looked over the cold stone slab, and wept
A tricontagon's worth of peasants
Peasants in Section 31!!!
Frozen peasants (Farenheit)
Arsenic and old peasants
Mikka Kiprusoff meets the peasants
Peasants on bromine
Six square peasants
The Peasants Join Spinal Tap
.38 caliber peasants
And so it came to pass...

That's all. The journey of the peasants is complete, and I hope it's been informative. 'Twas quite the challenge, in many ways, and was far more daunting than I ever would have expected.


Wyvern 07-14-2008 02:55 PM

Re: The Great Gael Serran Library!!
LAW wrote in another thread:

Radek wrote up the story of Tia but I can never find it with the Search function.
Should it get added to the Library?

Here are the links. I think I found them all.


I've just copied and pasted it all here for All to ENJOY!!!!

Bungleau 09-07-2008 01:56 AM

<h2>The Den of Thieves</h2>What could be more challenging than starting off a den of thieves? All rogues... no magic, no guilds until Ishad N'ha-ha-ha... gotta be tough, right? A while back, I took on this challenge, and it was one of the harder ones I've done. Amazing how hard life is when you can't usually hit the ground when you're swinging at it...

This isn't a full long story like Missy Hissy or the Peasants, but hopefully a bit enjoyable, just the same.

Onward.... :D

New Game: Den of Thieves
Den of Thieves: Starting Question
Den of Thieves: Update and Oddities
Den of Thieves... Update 2
Minor little tidbit
Den of Thieves... complete

And there end the Thieves... magic left alone until the very end, and man, does it really, really help :D Enjoy!


Wyvern 01-06-2010 10:13 AM

Re: The Great Gael Serran Library!!

Do an ADVANCED SEARCH for Gael Serran Examiner by Sazerac and you should get two pages of results. If I can find the time I will try to get direct links to the issues here.

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