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Philip 10-17-2000 04:41 PM

It seems like I've been all through the Temple of Cet. I met Ghezzard Ra (or whatever) but I never found his heart. I found a door in a lava area with two keyholes but I haven't found any keys. I've met Cet and freed Kerah from possession using holy water, she left saying she would return. I'm still waiting for her. The doors in the lava area are open, but there are still two bars barring my way. And of course, I can't get out. Please help.

Philip 10-17-2000 06:48 PM

Nevermind. The Spirit Eye spell works very well for finding little lost things, like keys. I went back to where I had killed the named demons and sure enough, keys. Oh and the ledge. I kept wondering what it was for... so I got the heart, too. And finished the game. *sigh* Too bad it couldn't go on. I'm already desperate for a sequel.

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