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Debaser 11-22-2001 11:23 AM

I think I may have brought up this question under another thread, but if so I forget which one and I don't feel like tracking it down. So my apologies if this is being redundant.

I'm playing a figher/mage/thief (CE) through BG2 right now. I've never attained the thief stronghold through doing the Mae'Var quests, so I definitely want to do that this time around. However, I'd also like to do Bodhi's bidding this time as opposed to siding with the Shadow Thieves. my question is, is this possible? I know you can do the stuff for Renal Bloodscalp without worrying about becoming involved with the Shadow Thieves...but once you get your thieves guild, and if you side with Bodhi afterwards, will this affect the thief stronghold quests in any way?

Sir Exxon 11-22-2001 11:28 AM

If you go with Bodhi, I think you will loose your stronghold. I am not sure, though! :D

see ya!

Sidius 11-22-2001 11:37 AM

Im pretty sure you cant do both. Cause if you side with the vamps your then helping them fight the shadow thieves and the thieves in the guild are shadow thieves

Morgan_Corbesant 11-22-2001 12:04 PM

well, you get the stronghold from Renal Bloodscalp. you dont do anything against bohdi until you talk to Aren Linvail. so i thing if you get the stronghold, then do the bhodi quest, you SHOULD be able to do it, theoreticaly. however, you may LOSE your stronghold after you side with the bitch-queen. so i would stay away from her, unless you plan to stab a shortsword into her face.

LennonCook 11-25-2001 02:23 AM

She wont let theives into her guilde. so having the theives stronghold is doing something against her.
You Mighg consider getting 2 strongholds... this is possible with ur class due t a little bug in the game...
Do the fighter stronghoold quest,tell nalia ul think about it.
Go back and get the other stronghold u want, then go and claim the keep by telling nalia uv thought about it!
BAsically though- u cant have the theives guild while siding with Bodhi.

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